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What Are the Different Types of Bathroom Layouts That Exist Today?

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Do you plan to remodel your bathroom? You’re not alone. After all, 6 out of 10 Americans plan to remodel their home bathrooms this year.

Bathroom remodeling is one of the hardest projects to tackle. Since they’re so many layouts, it can be difficult to decide which one to choose.

Although don’t worry, with this guide you can find out which is the best for you! From a half bath to a master bathroom, you can determine which bath is right for your home.

Now, are you ready to get started? Here’s a quick look at different types of bathroom layouts:

Half Bath

A half bath or sometimes called a powder room, is a small bathroom with only a sink, mirror, and a toilet. It’s designed to have enough space for all the essentials to accommodate guests, so they don’t have to go upstairs to the main bathroom.

Half baths are usually located under a stairway or tucked in the corner of the room. That way, they’re easily accessible; however, they don’t get in the way of events and socializing.

Three-Quarter Bath

A three-quarter bath is smaller than the main bathroom; however, it has all the features of the main bathroom. After all, it has a vanity with a sink and mirror, along with a toilet and a shower. Although, these features will likely be cramped together; so you won’t have that much space in between them.

In fact, depending on the space, there may be room to build additional shelves to store towels and hygiene products. Three-quarter baths tend to be on the first floor, usually near the living room or kitchen. That way, family members and guests can quickly reach the bathroom from the living room space.

Jack and Jill Bathrooms

A jack and jill bathroom is probably one of the most popular bathrooms in family homes. After all, it usually has two points of entry so that the bathroom can be shared between multiple family members.

Inside the bathroom, it has two large vanities with a sink and a mirror, along with a toilet and a shower. The bathroom altogether is bigger, so there’s a lot more room for storage. That way, you don’t have to build as many shelves as in the three-quarter bath.

Master Bathroom

A master bathroom is certainly one of the largest and most private bathroom layouts. After all, most have a double vanity with a sink and a mirror, along with a toilet, a shower, and a whirlpool tub. Not to mention lots of storage space for towels, hygiene products, and other items.

Now, some master bathrooms are enclosed in the master bedroom, while others are adjacent to the bedroom for easy accessibility and an efficient layout. We know all too well that remodeling doesn’t come easy. So if you want to know a few insider tips and tricks about the remodeling process, click here.

Consider These Types of Bathroom Layouts Today

Finding the right bathroom layout for your home can be tricky, but not anymore. Use this guide to determine the best layout for your home.

So if you need a bathroom for your kid, use a jack-and-jill-inspired bathroom. If you need a bathroom downstairs for guests, choose between a half bath and a three-quarter bath. Choosing a layout is not that hard when you understand the amount of space you’ll have and where it should be located.

So start renovating today! Now, for more information about the types of bathroom layouts, visit our website. We look forward to helping you find your perfect bathroom.

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