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What Are the Best Trucking Podcasts to Listen to?

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Looking for the best trucking podcasts to listen to? We’re not surprised!

If you’re living the lifestyle of a trucker, you’re not alone. In 2020, there were 3.36 million truck drivers employed in the United States.

Because there are so many truckers out there, plenty of great podcasts cater to the profession. Listening to these podcasts can be a great way to pass the time while staying up to date on trucking news and hearing the stories of others in the industry.

In this guide, we’ll list the best trucking podcasts to listen to!


The award-winning WHAT THE TRUCK?!? podcast by FreightWaves is one of the most popular trucking podcasts out there. In the podcast, hosts Dooner and The Dude take an irreverent look at some of the latest stories and happenings in the trucking industry.

In WHAT THE TRUCK?!?, you’ll hear a wide array of stories and get insights from every part of the industry. You’ll hear from truckers as well as CEOs, founders, VCs, brokers, and influencers.

Keep scrolling and you’ll find even more trucking podcasts to listen to right now!

Truck N’ Hustle

The Truck N’ Hustle podcast is another great listen for truckers and anyone in the transportation industry.

In this popular podcast, entrepreneur and industry expert Rahmel Wattley gives advice to entrepreneurs in the trucking industry. You can expect to hear insightful interviews and many stories of success and failure as well as tips for running a successful trucking company and avoiding major mistakes.

The podcast will also help keep you up to date on the latest industry news.


With a strong focus on truckers in the industry, TalkCDL is for truckers and is also made by truckers. The podcast covers everything of interest to active truckers including current trucking laws, trucking news, industry updates, and trucker surveys.

TalkCDL is a great listen and you’ll be sure to get your podcast itch scratched with the show.

Trucking After Hours

In Trucking After Hours, Buck Ballard and his son Don offer plenty of insights into trucking as well as just about anything that has an engine.

In the podcast, these two truckers talk about the trucking business as well as finding freight, negotiating with brokers, and other industry topics. They also go beyond truck driving as well and discuss cars and other lifestyle topics from a trucker’s perspective.

Beyond the Rig

Beyond the Rig is another great trucking podcast that was created for truckers, by truckers. In this podcast, hosts Linda Dominy and Will Phipps talk about everything that truckers are interested in. They cover the transportation industry in-depth.

The podcast features guest interviews, industry news, and authentic stories and tales by truckers. This podcast will be sure to keep you engaged for a long time.

An American Truck Driver

Once known better as The American Truck Driver Podcast, The Blue Ribbon Podcast is a great choice for truckers wanting something to listen to on the road.

This podcast focuses on how to be successful as an owner/operator in the trucking industry and will give you plenty of advice, guidance, and tips on progressing in your career. Hosts Chris Polk and Larry W. Long offer a lot of inspiration and information in this trucking podcast, so be sure to check it out if you need a new podcast.

Regarding Trucking

Focused on in-depth interviews with key players in the trucking industry, Regarding Trucking is one of the best trucker podcasts to add to your playlist.

This podcast features one-on-one interviews that can give you a lot of insight into the future of the industry. Guests on the podcast offer a lot of useful knowledge that truckers will do well to pay attention to.

Big Rig Banter

Big Rig Banter is a trucking podcast that seeks to both entertain and educate truckers and features insightful interviews that are run by experienced journalists. The show is great to listen to whether you’re new to trucking or have years of experience.

Hosts Troy Diffenderfer and Lenay Ruhl bring a lot to the trucking conversation, so make sure that you put this informative and entertaining podcast on your playlist immediately.

Trucker Dump

Trucker Dump is a podcast that takes a look at the trucking industry with a lot of humor. The show can give you a lot of insight into the transportation industry in a lighthearted way.

When listening to Trucker Dump, you’ll learn a lot of new things about the industry. You’ll improve your career and make more out of your time on the road. The show touches on industry news and also discusses product reviews, job hunting tips, safety, regulations, and a lot more, so be sure that you give the podcast a listen.

The Truck Show Podcast

The Truck Show Podcast is hosted by Jay “Lightning” Tilles (KROQ), an experienced Los Angeles radio personality and producer, as well as automotive journalist Sean P. Holman.

The show includes plenty of truck news but also goes beyond the trucking industry. It provides plenty of insights and information on everything truck-related, Jeeps, 4-wheelers, fabrication, new products, and much more.

If you’re looking for a way to stay occupied on the road, then this is a great show to add to your podcasting playlist.

Finding the Best Trucking Podcasts

If you want to have something to listen to while on the road, be sure that you check out some of these popular trucking podcasts. While there are many more great podcasts out there, the podcasts listed above are some of the best to listen to if you’re interested in learning more about the transportation industry.

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Now, go download one of these trucking podcasts on your favorite listening platform! Trust us, you’ll be glad you did!

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