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What Are the Best Months to Sell a House?

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Selling your home during one month versus another may mean a gain or loss of several thousand dollars. Some experts say that there’s a better day of the week and time of day to list. Many of the factors that contribute to prime conditions vary widely across the country.

So how do you know the best months to sell a house? Read on for our tips on what time of year is the best for you to list and sell your home.

Which Are the Best Months to Sell a House?

While there are some rules of thumb that apply to most home sales, there are factors that may change the best season to sell your home. Some factors include climate, the type of property you’re selling, interest rate fluctuations, and market trends.

Truthfully, an argument could be made for every season as the best to sell.

We’ll identify the key benefits of selling in every season so that you can determine which would be most profitable for you.


Nationwide, spring is considered the best time to list and sell your home. That’s because most buyers are looking in the spring.

Warmer weather also makes moving more pleasant.

Buyers often use tax returns and quarter one raises to boost their down payment or mortgage approval odds. Families with children usually want to buy a house in the spring so that they can move as soon as the school year is over.

For sellers, that means you should start in the mid to late winter to prepare your home. Perform any needed repairs, contact a real estate agent, and prepare your house or apartment for listing.

This is a prime season for sellers who live in areas that experience extremely cold winter temperatures.


Some of the same benefits of selling in the spring apply to summer. If your property is designed for families with school-age children, then buyers who don’t want to interrupt the school year will still be shopping in summer.

The warmer weather and longer days make for prime moving conditions.

This is a great season to sell if you live in an area that has extremely low winter temperatures and snow. However, if you live in a climate that experiences extreme summer heat, these months can be very slow for home sales.


Buyers without older children aren’t inhibited by schoolyear schedules. So smaller properties like condos, townhomes, or apartments, sell all year round.

However, not all families have the luxury of waiting to relocate in the summer, so selling in fall and winter can mean competitive offers and bidding wars between buyers. This is great news for sellers as they will usually get more than asking price.

With fall weather still typically being mild, many buyers will start looking for homes in time to close and move before the climate becomes too cold.


Midwinter starting in January is also considered a great time to sell in areas that have mild and warm winter weather. For buyers who aren’t concerned about school schedules winter can be the perfect time to shop.

Winter is also considered prime selling time if your property is attractive to snowbirds, or members of the retired community looking for a warm winter home.

Keep in mind that since most of the country experiences pretty cold winters, in those areas, it’s a slow season for home sales.

When Should I Sell My House?

The best months to sell a house really depend on where you live and what property you’re selling.

But now that you know more, when will you list your home for sale? Check out the rest of our blog for more useful advice.

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