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Warnings signs you have an HVAC problem

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With regular maintenance and upkeep, your HVAC system should run efficiently for  several years. Of course, problems could emerge sooner than expected. Some will  appear without warning, requiring an emergency visit from one of our technicians.  Other warning signs, however, can be obvious and prompt repair of these issues can  prevent leaving you without the ability to heat or cool your home. Read on to discover  four warning signs you have an HVAC problem.

Warning sign #1: strange noises 

Something goes bump in the night. Maybe it’s your child coming downstairs for a glass  of water. Or possibly your cat decided that 3 am was a good time to chase her toy  mouse. Maybe it’s even your friendly house ghost.

Okay, maybe not but unexplained noises from your furnace or air unit are usually a  cause for concern. If you notice squealing or grinding, a belt or bearing may need to be  replaced. As your unit ages, replacing these parts is unavoidable and prompt repair will  fix it before it has a chance to cause more issues.

Warning sign #2: odd smells 

What’s that smell? If you’re noticing a foul odor emanating from the vents in your  home, you likely have an HVAC problem. A musty smell or one that smells like  something is burning indicates the presence of mold or an electrical issue.

Both of these will need to be addressed immediately by a licensed professional to  ensure the safety of your home and family.

Warning sign #3: condensation where it shouldn’t be 

Condensation on your windows, ceilings or inner walls is a tell-tale sign that your HVAC  unit isn’t working properly. This indicates insufficient airflow in your home likely caused  by an issue in your vents or even in the furnace itself.

Warning sign #4: feeling sick and even hallucinating 

We may have joked about ghosts earlier but this is no laughing matter. Carbon  monoxide is odorless and colorless. If your HVAC unit has a problem that leads to the  presence of CO in your home, you likely won’t know until it is too late.

CO poisoning can cause nausea, headaches, dizziness, and even hallucinations (such  as the ghost we alluded to). Regular maintenance can catch this issue before it has the  opportunity to harm your family and the installation of carbon monoxide monitors can  alert you to problems as well.

Beehive can take care of these warning signs and more 

Your HVAC system should be inspected at least twice a year, once before turning on  your furnace for the season, and the same for the air conditioning unit. We also  recommend routine cleanings to ensure the system functions to peak efficiency.

Regular care and maintenance can catch these warning signs and many others you  may not even be aware of before they have the chance to harm your family or cost  thousands in the way of repairs. Would you like to learn more? Then contact the team  at Beehive Heating and Air by calling (801) 980-0903 or send us a message here to  schedule your next inspection or if you’ve noticed one of these signs.

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