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Perhaps more than any other offering, our wall art collection demonstrates the precise hand-work and vibrant interplay of color, texture, and form that has become the Submaterial standard.

For our wall panels, natural materials such as wool felt, cork, leather, metal, and wood are worked with skill and craftsmanship to produce durable wall art that often features an additional and highly beneficial layer of acoustic dampening. The deeply textured surfaces and engaging patterns can add a warm, rich visual focus to any residential space. Easy to install with an integrated cleat system built into the panel back, the pieces can sit flush to the wall or use a spacer to create a floating effect. Custom textured wall art panels can be created in a single color or a varied colorway, the look is up to you!​

For our wall hangings, it is all about connections. Modular pattern elements are fashioned individually and then connected creating a detailed and dimensional whole. Fabricated in soft, tactile materials such as leather and Ultrasuede, or colorfully variegated cork, the wall hangings almost beg to be touched. Rendered sleek and flush to the wall or created with subtle volume to produce a delightful play of light and shadow, the textured wall art hangings reflect the unique ambiance of your space.

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