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Vert Shock Review | How To Dunk Like A Pro With This Effective 3 Phase Training

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Vert Shock Jump Program


Have you ever wanted to dunk like players in the NBA? How about dunking like a world champion? That’s the premise of Vert Shock – a popular vertical jump training program that has been designed to improve not only your vertical jump but also your overall endurance.

Read on to learn more in this Vert Shock review, how it works, its pros and cons, credibility, and more.


What is Vert Shock?


Vert Shock is a comprehensive vertical jump training program that offers professional training as well as techniques that specifically target your fast twitch fibers – the same fibers that are used to jump higher.

Vert Shock program comes with easy-to-follow step-by-step instructions, training videos, vertical jump charts, trackers, and pretty much everything you need to take your jumping game to the next level.


How Does Vert Shock Work?


Vert Shock training program uses set/rep combinations and strategic exercises that specifically target your twitch fibers.

This results in drastic improvements in your vertical leap. The core program consists of three phases of plyometrics training: They are as follows:


  • Phase 1: First phase is known as the “pre-shock” phase. It is a 4-day cycle that introduces your body to the unique exercises and movements of the shock method training to mitigate any risk of injury and give you the foundation of the program.


  • Phase 2: This phase is known as “shock” phase. It is a 6-week cycle involving 3 days of multiple 40 minutes training sessions. Phase 2 is the core of the Vert Shock program as it employs specific exercises to strengthen the elastic fibers of your muscle to provide maximum gains in terms of vertical jumping and endurance.


  • Phase 3: Phase 3 is known as “post-shock” phase. The purpose of this phase is to reduce the intensity of the training by reducing the training cycle to 30 minutes sessions that span across 4 days. This reduced intensity workout builds on the muscle memory and strength that you have developed to further maximize your jump potential.


You may have noticed from these phases that exercises in Vert Shock are different from most other vertical jump training programs since there is no weight training involved.

The exercises in this program are more specialized exercises that are focused on developing your elastic fibers to achieve one thing only – a higher vertical jump.


Who is Vert Shock for?


The Vert Shock vertical jump training program is made specifically for basketball players, particularly those who are looking to dunk.

However, like many other similar programs, Vert Shock is also a plyometrics program at its core even though it is a quite unique one.

It’s primary focus on improving vertical jump and nothing else is applicable to basketball players as well as anyone else who is interested in improving their leaping potential.

By adding Vert Shock into your training regimen, you can gain a huge advantage over your competitors.


What Does Vert Shock Cost?

Vert Shock features a very attractive price. Particularly now, the program along with many added bonuses and relevant content is available at a steep discounted price of only $67!

Its original price is $138. So, if you buy it now, you can be on your way to changing your game for less than the price of a microwave oven, live above the rim!!!


Is This Program Credible?


Adam Folker has the experience and time in the world of basketball, having played both collegiately and professionally, in addition to having a professional strength and conditioning certification, to know what’s required to play above the rim.

It took Folker over 5 years to develop the Vert Shock program that has gained a lot of popularity very quickly.

It is a tried and tested method. Not to mention the program has Nike World Dunk Contest winner and world’s #1 highest dunker Justin Darlington on board, which further adds credibility to it.


Pros and Cons

Following are some pros and cons of Vert Shock:



  • Based on Science: Vert Shock is rooted in real world science that has been developed to dominate the Olympics.


  • Personal Experience: It’s very difficult to find individuals better qualified to talk about vertical jump training than one of the best dunkers in the world.


  • Bonus Content: For the moment, the program comes with a lot of free bonus content that builds on just the training regimen, e.g. tips and techniques, check in emails, workout, nutrition tracker, and more.


  • Moneyback Guarantee: Just like other vertical jump training programs, Vert Shock offers a 60-day moneyback guarantee. Since the program is only 8 weeks, it gives you ample time to try it out and determine whether or not it works for you.


  • Discounted Price: Vert Shock is on sale at the moment. You can get it for only $67 along with free bonus content.



  • Specialization: While plyometrics can be applied to virtually any kind of general fitness and sport, not everyone will be interested in a unique program that focuses only on one subject.


  • Limited Time Offer: The free bonus content as well as the discounted price are only available for limited time. So, if you are not sure about committing to this type of training, the nature of limited time offer may feel like undue pressure on your decision.




In this Vert Shock review we could arrive to the conclusion that this is arguably the #1 vertical jump training program in the world and it’s not surprising why?

It’s a comprehensive program that teaches you specific exercises and techniques that target twitch fibers responsible for explosive jumps.

The instructions of the program are easy to follow and the entire training is easy to complete. However, keep in mind that you will have to put in the work to see the improvement.

The good news is, with this program, you will be putting the work in areas that are tested and proven to achieve your dunking goals.

Vert Shock is designed to work for anyone, any skill level, fitness level, age, and height. So, no matter who you are, you are assured that it will help you take your game above the rim.

Remember…as it has been proven time and time again by the most competitive athletes, it takes discipline & dedication to achieve greatness and Vert Shock training program might be a great place to start.

To Your Success.

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