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Toronto: Top Reasons Why You Should Hire A Personal Trainer

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Do you know what the most common resolution people have each year? You can probably guess: to get healthy.

For some, that means losing weight. For others that means getting stronger.

Your reason for wanting to get healthy is specific to your life. But, no matter your inspiration, a personal trainer can help you get there faster. If you want results, get help from a trained and experienced professional.

Still not sold on the idea of personal training? Keep reading to find out why a personal trainer is exactly what you need.

1. It Makes Working Out Convenient

Every year, thousands of gym memberships get purchased. Many of them don’t get used after the first couple of months. Why?

Because driving to the gym isn’t convenient.

Your schedule is likely busy as it is. To get in a gym workout, you either have to wake up earlier or extend your day longer. After a month or two, it’s normal for motivation to start draining.

If you can relate to this, you need a personal trainer. First, because they come to you; they work around your schedule.

With a trainer, you get to work out from home. You won’t have to stress about the judgmental eyes of the woman behind you on the treadmill. Your home provides a private workout space.

Your personal trainer will either bring equipment with them or tell you which home equipment to buy. They’ll teach you how to use these pieces efficiently and safely. Your trainer could teach you how to do the workout by yourself for the days you aren’t booking them.

When you know how to properly workout by yourself, you can save money and time. Follow the instructions your trainer gives you. And, know that they’ll be checking your homework later.

Personal trainers know how to maximize your workout time. No wasted minutes, no laziness. Your time and theirs is valuable so get to work!

2. You’ve Never Worked Out Before

If you’re braving the fitness world for the first time, it can be a little overwhelming. There are so many opinions and trends to learn about. Where do you even start?

A personal trainer will cut through the confusion and teach you only what you need to know.

The workouts they plan for you are based on your body and your goals. They’ll help you set realistic goals that will push you to your limit. They’ll also guide you through the process.

It’s common for first-time gym goers to injure themselves. Heavy gym equipment can be dangerous if you don’t know how to use it. Not knowing how to protect your back when doing workouts can also cause injuries.

A trainer will teach you the base form you need for all types of exercise. This will protect your body from most potential injuries.

Once you know how to safely and effectively handle your form, you’ll feel confident. That’s one of the reasons people don’t like going to a gym. If you don’t know what you’re doing, you feel insecure.

A personal trainer will help you build confidence in the gym and keep your body safe. They’ll show you the exact steps you need to take to reach your goals.

Now, staying on track and doing the work takes motivation on your part. Your trainer can help you stay motivated. They’re like your own personal cheerleader and coach.

Another huge benefit of starting to work out as a beginner is that you can benefit from Newbie Gains which refers to the accelerated results that beginners can enjoy when they first get into a workout routine.

3. It Gets You Out of a Plateau

Are you losing motivation to workout because you aren’t seeing results? Perhaps you’ve been working out consistently, but your progress has slowed down. What’s going on?

It’s normal to plateau during your fitness journey. It just means you need to switch things up and push harder.

If you workout alone, you might not know what next steps to take. That’s where a personal trainer can help.

Your trainer will assess the program you’ve been working on and why the progress has stopped. They’ll do a gap analysis of your regime and see where you can improve.

Then, they’ll push you.

You might need a whole new workout plan with exercises that your body is unfamiliar with. It could mean lifting heavier weights or increasing cardio.

A trainer will help you get back on track with your fitness. Sometimes all we need is an outside perspective from a professional. Personal trainers are the best solution for those who aren’t seeing the results they want.

4. They Can Help with Sports Conditioning

Personal trainers don’t just help with weight loss and strength training. Many of them specialize in conditioning for specific sports and fitness events.

Perhaps you’re training for a half marathon in six months. Maybe you’ll be trying out for the rugby team. Or, you want to step up your golf game before the season starts.

A personal trainer specialized in your sport will know how to improve your skills. Although endurance and strength training are important in most sports, the way you do them matters.

A golfer doesn’t necessarily need to run sprints every day. But, they do need to work on agility, accuracy, control, and stamina.

For a competitive athlete, injuries are a huge concern. You need an expert ensuring your form is on point. Don’t risk the whole season or event by not having a spotter.

A personal trainer will create a customized training plan for you based on your sport. They’ll help you stay injury-free as you prepare for the season.

5. It Keeps You Accountable

Raise your hand if you have trouble staying consistent with working out. You’re not alone; that’s why most gyms get busy after the holidays and then slow down.

We all have the best intentions to workout. But, without anyone checking that we do it, we start to slack. We need accountability.

A personal trainer becomes the accountability coach you need.

First, by booking a workout with them you can add it to your schedule. Every week on Wednesday nights, for example, you could have a standing appointment. The trainer will expect you to be there, so you better show up.

Second, many see paying for personal training as a luxury. In fact, by paying for it you’re creating accountability for yourself. If you dish out a pretty penny for that hour, you want to make it worth it.

Some trainers will send their clients messages and keep in contact between sessions. This acts as a reminder to eat healthily and stay on track. You’re going to see them in a few days, and they’ll know if you slacked.

The best part of staying consistent with your workouts is seeing the progress. Your trainer could take monthly pictures of your body to track how far you’ve come.

6. You Get Tailored Workouts for Your Illness

Some people have bigger obstacles to getting healthy than others. Diseases, health conditions, and general aging make typical workouts difficult. Or, impossible.

If you have a health condition like arthritis, heart disease, or chronic pain, consider hiring a personal trainer. Many trainers have specialized training for working with clients who have certain ailments.

They will teach you how to workout despite your condition. You can still get fit, but extra precautions might need to occur to do so. It’s also important to ensure that you personal trainer has the appropriate credentials and experience to help you with your ailments. As mentioned previously, the personal training industry in Canada has plenty of quality professionals, but there are also many on the other end of the spectrum.

This is especially true for seniors and the aging population. Your body isn’t as mobile and flexible as it once was. High-intensity group classes at the gym won’t be good for you.

Your trainer might suggest working out in a swimming pool. Or, using bodyweight exercises instead of real weights.

A trainer will understand your current condition and ensure you have tailored workouts. You don’t have to give up on your goal to get healthy. You just need specialized training.

The same goes for pregnant women. You can still workout while you’re pregnant, but not in the same way as before. Consider hiring a personal trainer who works with prenatal and post-natal clients.

Perhaps you have an existing injury that you’re going to physiotherapy for. Your personal trainer can work with the therapist to keep your body fit. Trainers often work with professionals in different disciplines to help their clients.

If you’re working with the right personal trainer, everything is calculated, even including your breaks into between sets since rest periods have a significant impact on muscle gain.

7. It Pushes Your Limits

What happens when you’ve reached your fitness goal? You have the body and strength you’ve always dreamed of. What now?

When you don’t know where to go next in your training, you need a personal trainer.

They will help you set new goals that are bigger than you ever imagined. They’ll change the way you train so you continue with the momentum you have.

In most cases, they’ll push you harder than you can push yourself. They become the motivation you need.

Some trainers will workout alongside their clients. This creates a sense of competition that high-level fitness buffs often thrive on.

When you’ve gotten yourself to the point of fitness you wanted, it’s tempting to get lazy. The classes at the gym aren’t challenging enough and you barely break a sweat. That’s when you know it’s time for a new challenge.

Consider signing up for an obstacle course race. Or, attempt to master a different discipline of fitness, like CrossFit. Whatever your new goal is, your personal trainer will push you harder so you achieve it.

8. Your Trainer Becomes Your Biggest Supporter

Deciding to get fit when no one else in your social life wants to is tough. You may experience pressure to eat fast food and be lazy. If that’s what you’ve grown up doing, why change it?

Because you deserve to feel strong and confident in your body. Forget what your peers say or do.

If you lack the social support to get healthier, a personal trainer will be your biggest supporter. They can be a healthy voice of reason in your life. Not to mention the accountability they provide.

It’s common for clients and their trainers to develop a friendship. This is a person you see regularly who gets to know you deeply. You learn about each other and have the common goal of improving your health.

When everyone in your life encourages you to stay the same, lean on your trainer for support. Embrace this amazing partnership and start changing your life.

How to Find the Right Personal Trainer for You

There are many different ways to find a trainer. But, you don’t want just anyone. You want a trainer who has experience with your goals and situation, along with other factors that will help you determine what to look for in a personal trainer.

Start by using FITHAUS.

We have over 100 talented and qualified personal trainers ready to work with you.

Look for trainers that specialize in what you need. For example, training for chronic pain, disease, pregnancy, etc.

Sign up on our website to book your first complimentary session with a trainer. One of our reps will give you a call to go over your goals and your fitness journey thus far. Based on everything we learn about you, we’ll set you up with a recommended personal trainer from our team. Based on the complimentary one-hour assessment with the trainer that we pair you with, you can get a sense of who they are and if you’ll be a good match.

After that, it’s up to you to do the work! But don’t worry, your trainer will be motivating you along the way. We’ll also equip you with certain mental tactics that you need to know to make sure you stay focused and on track on the bigger picture.

Ready to Get Started?

You will be leaps and bounds ahead on your fitness journey if you work with a personal trainer. They ensure you stay safe while working out and continue to push yourself.

Your motivation multiplies when you have someone holding you accountable. You also accomplish more than you ever imagined when you have a professional on your side.

When you’re ready to get started, sign up on the FITHAUS website. Meet your personal trainer and watch your goal get closer.

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