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Top Tips for Choosing Your Wedding Music

Statistics show that there are an average of over 2 million weddings in the United States each year.

How are you managing your wedding to-do list? What is your plan to decide on the music? What questions do you have about the soundtrack to your wedding?

There’s so much to focus on when planning a wedding and choosing the music can be made simple with some quick tips.

Keep reading to learn more about how to decide on wedding music.

Start Planning Early

While picking some songs to play at your wedding may seem like an easy task in comparison to the others on your to-do list, you should start the process early. 

Outlining the music needed, from the ceremony to the reception, can help give you an idea of what you need to decide on. Making a list of a few song ideas for each part is a great start. You can come back to narrow down the songs later in the planning process.

Decide Who Will Play the Wedding Music

Do you want a DJ? What about a live band? 

People almost always think of DJs when it comes to planning a wedding reception but wedding music bands are another great choice that can still play the music you want with a live band element.

Deciding to have live music or not is important because you will want to communicate the songs you pick to the band ahead of time so that they can prepare and deliver the performance you expect. 

Ask Family and Friends for Suggestions

Family and friends will be begging to help with your wedding and they can have valuable input in this area. Asking them what their favorite songs were at the weddings they have attended or their favorite part of the reception can give you insight into songs or traditions that you may not have thought of.

Think About the Feeling of Songs

What songs make you want to dance? What songs are meaningful to you as a couple? What songs can everyone enjoy?

Narrowing down your songs this way can help to keep every moment fun during the reception. Thinking about the lyrics when you pick songs for the main dances can help make it easier because you can choose the lyrics that you relate to the most.

Communicating with your live band or DJ about getting people to the dance floor and keeping them engaged is important because they can adjust the order of songs they are playing to fit how people are reacting to specific songs or dances.

Start Your Song List Today

Now that you have read about some tips for choosing wedding music, you can start compiling a list for your special day. By preparing in advance, you will have less to worry about when it’s time to hit the dance floor.

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