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How to Craft Compelling, Persuasive Marketing Videos

Who can’t help but think about Snickers’ “You’re not you when you’re hungry” slogan whenever someone acts a tad grouchy. Time Magazine rated it as the most influential Super Bowl commercial of all time.

That’s the power of marketing videos. And that’s why every marketer dreams of creating a sticky viral hit that enters our collective unconscious. The problem is these videos are an art form, and that means there’s no specific formula that guarantees success.

How do you craft compelling, persuasive marketing videos? Let’s look at the qualities they all share. Here are five tips for creating your next viral hit.

1. Get to the Point

Like all good books, good videos rely on effective hooks to keep their viewers watching. After all, internet content has become an all-you-can-eat buffet. There simply isn’t enough time to give every video the light of day.

If the chocolate cake doesn’t impress at the first bite, are you really going to keep eating to see if it gets any better? Of course not. You’re better off checking out what else is available.

So what makes for an effective hook? All great introductions have at least one thing in common: They get to the point.

Within the first ten seconds, the video opening should establish a clear tone and topic. This means viewers should have an understanding of what’s to come, whether it’s something inspiring, mysterious, or downright funny.

Most importantly, it needs to be entertaining. Really, truly entertaining, to the point where your viewers want to keep watching to see what happens next.

And look, I get it. Most products and services don’t lend themselves to quality entertainment. But if Old Spice can make deodorant watchable, you can do the same.

2. Build a Brand

Many companies find success by incorporating a brand image into their marketing videos. If done well, customers will associate a company according to its content. It’s an invaluable way to build trust and give an air of transparency.

Not sure where to start? As a marketer, you should have a good idea of your target audience. Curate your video content according to their needs, hobbies, and preferences.

For example, you wouldn’t use the same video to reach stay-at-home moms and poor college students. One group may enjoy an inspirational approach while the other appreciates frank humor.

Just look at the Dollar Shave Club, whose marketing video went viral a few years ago. They identified their target audience of young adult males and spoke to them in their own language. For the first time, someone had created marketing videos that did more than brag about shaving technology.

Now everyone in their target audience has at least seen the humorous, earnest, and behind-the-scenes approach used in the video. These customers will continue to think of the Dollar Shave Club as a relatable, no-frills business.

Not only was the message effective, but it was memorable, too.

3. Tell a Story

Marketing videos are stories. There are introductions, characters, and events, all squeezed into a tiny package. Stories provide a framework to present information in an entertaining way.

But entertainment isn’t the only reason to include a story. Research suggests that details are almost 20 times more memorable when associated with a story.

Help your customers remember you. Pin the product, service, or selling points to the narrative. It’s worked so well for Geico that they’ve used the same marketing gimmick for over two decades.

Remember that we’re using the term “story” rather loosely here. Although there are characters and events, there may or may not be a climax and resolution. It’s more akin to microfiction than a traditional novel.

4. Provide Visual Stimulus

Since marketing videos tend to run short, it’s difficult to add visceral details. But videos are, after all, a visual medium. Failing to include ample motion can leave your customers bored and packing their bags.

So how do you squeeze movement into a short, informative clip?

Old Spice became known for its elaborate single-frame setups. And while the Dollar Shave Club video is dialogue-heavy, the actor still parades around the warehouse, rides a forklift, and dances in front of an American flag.

Switching scenes and using animations can also add motion to an otherwise still video. The PooPourri marketing series is a great example. Learn more about amusing animations for marketing videos.

5. Focus on Product Value

Thus far, we’ve focused on the aspects that make a video compelling. But marketing videos need to do so much more. After all, it’s about landing a sale.

When it comes to persuading your audience to buy your product, focus on the value. What sets your product apart — and why should they choose your company and not a competitor?

This is ultimately what your entire video should seek to answer, and preferably in a subtle, entertaining way. Tell your customers what they stand to gain by using your product.

Let’s say you’re a vegan food delivery service. You’d want to mention perks such as online shopping, great nutrition, and guilt-free meals. It sounds a tad boring on paper, but that’s why a curated approach is so important.

Create Marketing Videos That Stand Out

Your personal creativity will determine the ultimate success of your series of marketing videos. But successful marketing videos aren’t just creative — they’re also backed by the value proposition, audience research, and impressive cinematography.

Focus on these variables as you write the script, and you’re sure to create something special.

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