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Top 7 Folding Mobility Scooters For 2019

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Are you searching for a mobility scooter that is foldable and easily transportable?  Perhaps you are searching for one that is lightweight and airline friendly?  Now for some of these folding scooters, it is not a problem to be taken on an airplane because they are TSA approved mobility scooters.

However, not all folding mobility scooters are approved for airline travel, so that is important to keep in mind.  Many people just want something that can easily fold up for simple storage and transport.  That is exactly what these type of mobility scooters were made for.

Let’s face it, having a disability that causes you to not be mobile can really be a down and lonely feeling.  Not being able to do everyday activities you once enjoyed is a huge inconvenience and while having a mobility scooter helps with relieving that, not all of them are lightweight and foldable.

The main benefit you get out of owning a folding mobility scooter is that it can be folded up into a compact shape and you can take if with you and continue to use it.  Wouldn’t it be nice to take your mobility scooter with you anywhere you go?

Folding mobility scooters have been around for years and the technological advances that have been made in this market are amazing.  We work directly with some of the leading manufacturer’s in the industry and these type of mobility scooters continue to be made easier and easier for the everyday user. Many of them are lightweight weighing around 50 lbs, some weigh even less than that.  They are now made with longer battery ranges, faster speed, and of course, many of them are TSA approved and perfect for airline travel, as I mentioned earlier!

Recently, I sold 2 folding mobility scooters to one particular customer and his wife.  They were retired and loved to go on trips, but were not able to travel as much because their strength was deteriorating and both of them just did not have the energy to last all day checking out all the sights of their vacation.

These people were not the type of people to lounge by the pool all day sipping on pina coladas.  They like to get out and enjoy traveling to new places, explore restaurants and experience what that city or destination has to offer.   I was able to find a folding mobility scooter we had for sale that was the perfect fit for them.

Since their purchase, they have reached to us to let us know how much of a difference these units have made to their life and I love that feeling.

One of the things this gentleman really wanted was something lightweight, compact, and easy to transport.  But what sold him on the unit he purchased is that it has a remote fob that allowed the mobility scooter to fold or unfold at the push of a button. I will talk more about the unit he purchased here in a bit, but before I do that, lets go over some of the main functionality and benefits these type of mobility scooters have to offer.  What Makes a Mobility Scooter Airline Approved?

Often times, you will find many of these folding mobility scooters we have for sale are approved for airline travel.  However, that is not the case for every single one of them.  The reason a mobility scooter is airline approved is simply determined because of the type of battery it has. The determining factor is that it must be a sealed battery.  The only batteries that are questionable are lithium batteries.  They are ok for airline travel as long as they do not exceed 300 amp hours.

All other battery types in these units, as long as they are sealed, are ok for airline travel.  How Much Does it Cost to Take a Mobility Scooter on an Airplane?Believe it or not, I get asked this question quite often.  Surprising to some, it is free to take your mobility scooter on an airplane; this is according to the ADA and FAA.  To be safe, I always advise our customers to reach out to your airline before taking your mobility scooter with you to the airport. All airlines have different procedures on how you travel with your unit.

The normal process is you go through security just like you normally would and when you get to the gate to board the plane, you check your mobility scooter right there. Another tip I recommend is before you hand it off to the airline employee, take several pictures of the unit before you pass it off to them.  This is to protect you in case there would be some type of damage during the flight.   How Much Does a Folding Mobility Scooter Weigh?Obviously, in order for a mobility scooter to be foldable and easy to transport, it must be lightweight.  All foldable mobility scooters can weigh as little as 34 lbs and as much as 70 lbs.

With the lighter units, they generally smaller in frame and easier to carry. The heavier units are a little more durable and usually have a higher weight capacity and a stronger motor to carry the weight load.  Regardless, of what your body type is and what you are looking for, I am confident we can find you a folding mobility scooter that is right for you.  Anyway, Lets Get Into It…Heres our list of the top 7 folding mobility scooters of 2019.  These are in no particular order.  While reading this list, if at any moment you want to read more about these units, you can click on the model name or the image itself and the full mobility scooter description will open in a new page.

1) Enhance Mobility Triaxe Sport T3045

The Triaxe Sport has a few different customizable options.  You can choose between 6 different color options, 2 different seat sizes, and 2 different battery options (one is airline approved).

The Enhance Mobility brand is known for manufacturing transportable units and all of them are airline approved, as long as you select the correct battery upon completing your purchase. With the two battery options, you have the choice of picking the standard battery which can last up to an impressive 35 miles or you can select the TSA approved battery, which can be taken on an airplane.

The TSA approved battery doesn’t last quite as long, but can still go pretty far on its on at 18 miles per charge. This unit can support up to 350 lbs of weight, but the scooter itself weighs just 55 lbs.  You have the option of selecting either a 13” wide seat or if you need a wider option, you can select the 18” wide seat.  Just keep in mind the wider seat does cost an additional $150.

The Triaxe Sport also folds up in seconds and can be wheeled behind you just like a piece of luggage when you are not using it.  I really like this unit and suggest it when someone is looking for something that can be folded up compact and looking for a high weight capacity.

2) Drive Medical Zoome Auto-Flex

Remember the gentleman I was referring to above that purchased 2 units for his wife and himself?  This unit, the Zoome Auto-Flex is the one I was referring to.  Manufactured by Drive Medical, this unit to me, is like the Cadillac of folding mobility scooters.  It can support up to 300 lbs and is also airline approved.

The seat and armrests are padded and Drive Medical does a good job designing the seat of this scooter to be comfortable.  The back folds down and the armrests can flip up to easily enter or exit the unit.

The one thing that really sets this scooter apart is its ability to fold and unfold at the push of a button with its remote fob.  So if you don’t have the strength to fold and unfold the unit, no need to worry, The Zoome Auto-Flex does that for you. Once it is folded up, it has compact dimensions of 17”(L) x 17“(W) x 23.5”(H).  This makes it easy for storage and transporting.

It can also be wheeled behind you just like a small piece of luggage.This unit has an offboard charging battery, meaning it can be removed the unit and charged inside your home.  Once its charged, you can put it right back on the unit.  The total weight of the Zoome Auto-Flex is 60 lbs and offers a modest 13 miles battery range.  I really like this unit and suggest it quite often to our customers.

3) Atom Trike 3 Wheel Mobility Scooter

The lightest folding mobility scooter on the market today is the Atom Trike.  Weighing in at just 34 lbs, this unit is super easy to carry and transport.  You simply remove the seat, fold down the tiller and fold up the rear wheels.  It is very compact, yet offers a 300 lbs weight capacity.

These units are made to order, so be advised it can take up to 3 business days for it to ship, but the reviews we have received about this unit have been nothing short of amazing. If also comes with a great battery range of 18-24 miles on a single charge and can reach a top speed of 7.8 mph.  Despite being 3 wheels, this unit sits low to the ground and has a low center of gravity so it is much more stable than most other 3 wheel units on the market today.  If someone is looking for a lightweight mobility scooter, one of the units I usually point them to the Atom Trike.

4) HandyScoot 3 Wheel Folding Travel Scooter

Staying on the topic of lightweight mobility scooters, the HandyScoot is another unit that fits the bill.  HandyScoot is a newcomer to the mobility scooter market that is making waves in this industry.  The main reason is that is is extremely lightweight.  Once the seat is removed, the heaviest piece weighs just 29 lbs.

This scooter is also TSA approved and is great for airline travel.  To transport, simply remove the seat, fold the tiller down and snap into place, and the you can easily lift the unit (if you are capable of lifting 29 lbs.)  Despite being so lightweight, it offers a 350 lbs weight capacity, has a battery range of 15 miles per charge, and has a top speed of 9 mph*. If a customer is looking for a lightweight and portable mobility scooter, the HandyScoot is usually one I will suggest to them.  Backed by their 2 year warranty, you can have peace of mind when purchasing this unit.

5) FreeRider Luggie Classic Folding Mobility Scooter

The FreeRider brand makes a line of scooters called the Luggie.  They are all just about the same in design, but have different weight capacities.  One that I particularly like and is their top selling folding mobility scooter is the Luggie Classic.  Once you remove the battery, the unit weighs just 52 lbs.

The Luggie Classic has a 250 lbs weigh capacity and offers a 10 mile battery range.  This unit is also TSA approved and is safe to take on an airplane.  This mobility scooter can fold up in seconds and can be wheeled behind you like a piece of luggage similar to a few of the other units I have described above.The Luggie Classic was specifically made for foldability and travel.  It has a tiller that is height adjustable and the tired are flat free, so you don’t have to worry about flats or scuffing up your floot.  FreeRider has been in business for over 25 years and distributes their products in over 20 countries.

6) EV Rider Transport AF Folding Electric Scooter

The Transport AF made by EV Rider is another folding mobility scooter that has the ability to fold and unfold at the push of a button.  This 3 Wheeled unit weighs in at just 44 lbs and is also airline friendly.  It is perfect for anyone who likes to travel and wants to take their mobility scooter with them; plus this unit is TSA approved as well!

With its dimensions of 17.3” x 16.5” x 28.7”, this mobility scooter is small and compact; making it perfect for travel.  It has a tight turning radius and the front wheel is slightly larger than the back 2 making it great for maneuvering around tight corners and through crowds of people. Once the Transport AF is folded up, it can wheeled behind you just like some of the other units we have mentioned above.  EV Rider did a great job making a unit that is perfect for someone who likes to travel.  I personally have ridden this unit and feel it is one is perfect for a person who loves to travel but has limited strength and mobility.

7) EV Rider Transport Plus Folding Mobility Scooter

The Transport Plus is the sister scooter to the Transport AF and is another product of the EV Rider product line.  The frame is a little different, but the primary difference is that this unit does not have the remote fob that folds and unfolds the unit hands free.  However, don’t be fooled by that.  This unit is has a total weight of 70 lbs, however, once the battery is removed, it weighs just 46 lbs.

You have the choice of 2 battery types for this unit.  One is a SLA (Sealed Lead Acid), which is airline approved.  There is also a Lithium Ion battery that weighs 14 lbs as opposed 24 lbs.  Keep mind, the Lithium Ion is not TSA friendly. This unit has 3 different color choices, a seat that folds, and the unit itself and fold up in seconds with just 3 easy steps.  If you don’t need the remote fob that gives you the folding feature, you can save money by purchasing the Transport Plus, for a unit that has a 10-15 mile battery range and is compact for easy storage and travel. Whatever folding mobility scooter you choose, here are some of the main benefits:

Easy Transport – Whether you are taking your unit with you in your car or taking in it on a plane, you can easily find a folding mobility scooter that will work for your situation.

Lightweight – Folding mobility scooters were made for transporting, therefore, they are all lightweight ranging anywhere from 34 lbs to 70 lbs.

Compact Design – In order to transport a folding mobility scooter, they must be compact when folded.
Regain Your Independence – If you have limited mobility, a folding mobility scooter can literally change your life and give you back your freedom; especially when you are traveling.

Airline Approved – Some folding mobility scooters are designed for airline travel, so you can continue to live your active lifestyle.

Heavy Weight Capacity – Many folding mobility scooters have a high weight capacity. Some can even hold up to 360 lbs, yet only weight 70 lbs!

Indoor & Outdoor Use – All of the folding mobility scooters we carry are capable of going indoors and outdoors, so you can go on about your day without worry.

Safety – Being an authorized dealer with all companies on our site, you can rest assured they are designed by some of the best engineers in the industry.

Environmentally Friendly – All the folding mobility scooters that we carry are power by electric; therefor, the produce no emissions and are safe for the environment.

Simple to Operate – If you are concerned about how to operate these type of units, no need to worry. Folding mobility scooters are very easy to operate and if you have any issues, all manufacturers we deal with have a dedicated tech support that can help you with the functionality of your unit in minutes.
Fast Charging Time – The average time for a folding mobility scooter to be fully charged is 4-7 hours. Some units can charge fully in just 2 hours!

If there any other models you would like to see on this list, please let me know.  I would love to hear what your thoughts are.  There are many great models out there on the market today, but these are the ones that our staff has compiled.Feel free to write to me at [email protected] for any comments or questions.  I truly love helping our customers find the best folding mobility scooter or mobility product for their needs.

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