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Top 5 Must-Have Truck Systems Technology Your Fleet Can’t Afford to Not Have

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You send your trucks out on the road every day. Ensure their success by equipping them up with the best truck systems technology available.

Did you know that trucks transport more than 70% of goods moved in the USA? Trucking is a vital part of national and international logistics.

If you are a driver or a felt manager, you are no doubt interested in efficient and safe driving. New technologies are developing that can help you to meet the complex challenges that exist in 2020.

What truck systems technology solutions can help you raise efficiency? Why should you adopt them? Why not follow our in-depth guide below to find out.

  1. Electronic Logging Devices

This technology has been a requirement in many states for the past few years. Driver tracking and GPS trailer tracker technology is an essential part of the driver’s tool kit.

Electronic logging devices provide vital feedback on the location and the hours that a driver has been driving. This can help haulage companies to monitor their driving hours. They can ensure that they are remaining compliant with state laws for drivers.

However, the loggings of trailers can add further security. A trailer may move between tractors during its long journey. This is especially true if the truck will cross borders on the way to its destination.

Adding GPS trailer tracker technology will ensure that all parties can follow its progress. They can monitor its secure delivery to its destination and ensure that no mistakes are made in its routing.

  1. Dynamic Routing

Fleet managers know that trucking is only as efficient as the routes the drivers take. Driver experience was used to determine the quickest route between point A and point B. This is no longer necessary.

Dynamic routing will allow you to control the route that the driver takes instantly. You can factor in weather conditions, driving conditions, the weight of the load, and other elements when making a decision.

After a driver has set off you may learn that another pick is possible en route, or that the client has requested an extra dropoff point. Using dynamic routing, you can calculate the implications of this. You can then make your decision and communicate it to the driver instantly.

Dynamic routing also allows you to increase efficiency. You can calculate a route that minimizes full consumption and even possibly overnight stops. Dynamic routing is a must-have technology for haulage companies in 2020.

  1. Forward-Looking Camera Systems

In-cab camera systems are not new. However, they have progressed significantly in the last few years. The entire camera industry has improved in the last 10 years. This has led to the introduction of hi-res cameras in small physical packages.  This has provided many benefits to driver and haulage companies

The use of better quality camera systems is improving driver standards across the industry. Drivers are aware that their driving habits are being recorded. This leads to greater accountability when making driving decisions.

Camera systems provide protection to haulage companies from financial loss. Often their hi-res recordings can be used in courts when litigation cases are brought against them. It can make the difference between establishing responsibility for an accident. It can help authorities to identify behaviors that are synonymous with phony insurance claims.

Camera systems may require a small investment, however in the long run they are saving haulage companies millions of dollars.

  1. Driver Scorecards

Driver systems technology has come a long way in using driver data. Over the last 20 years the haulage industry has tried various methods to employ metrics learned from driver behavior. In many cases they use this data as a kind of scorecard, where a driver’s journey could be rated against his own or other drivers’ records.

They could be given personal targets to improve in their braking or acceleration. The overall goal was to identify behavior that could increase maintenance and fuel costs.

In recent times, however, they are used for more positive purposes. This could be the identification of exemplary driver habits that can be encouraged across the fleet. Or it could be for overall identification of the level of efficiency that a truck model provides.

As driver scorecard technology increases it reveals more about driving behaviors. This is a crucial source of information for haulage companies everywhere.

  1. Collision Mitigation Technology

When you consider traffic collision and fatality statistics, trucks are usually heavily involved. There are many reasons for this.

Trucks, of course, cover far more miles on the road than other vehicles. Statistically, trucks are ever-present on almost every road in the country. Trucks are also much larger and heavier than the average car. This means that when an accident occurs, the damage and levels of injury are generally more substantial.

Trucks are often backed by large haulage companies. For this reason, it is possible that they are more frequent targets for litigators.

For this reason it is in the best interests of both driver and haulage company to invest in Collision Mitigation Technology. This is especially true for companies that haul dangerous or hazardous materials. Even a small collision could cause a spill or extensive panic.

These technologies are effective in warning drivers of potential accidents than ever before. They can measure the speed and monitor behavioral changes of drivers close to the truck and provide instant data to the driver.

In recent years technology providers have worked to reduce the number of false positives that these devices provide. Collision mitigation technologies generally come as standard in new truck designs. They can also be retrofitted to older trucks.

Truck Systems Technology Solutions and Much More

Upgrading the technology you use in your trucks is not just a matter of security. Secure and accurate tracking can help you to increase fuel efficiency and decrease expenses. The items we have included above are some of the best truck systems technology options available.

If you are interested in learning more about how technology can support your business, then we are here to help. We gather the latest information regarding technology trends and bring it to you via our feed. Take a minute to see how we can help you today.


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