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Top 10 Tobacco Smoke and Vape Shops in Kitsap County

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Kitsap County has a population of close to 275,000 people and is home to several different businesses of all varieties. If you happen to be a person who appreciates some quality tobacco, this area has several options for you to choose between. Once you find a go-to shop, you can stock up on everything you need for vaping, cigars, chewing tobacco, and any other types of tobacco you love.

This guide will steer you toward your best smoke and vape shop options in the county.

1. Granite Vapor

Without a doubt, Granite Vapor is the Creme de la Creme whenever you are searching for smoke and vape shops in the area. You get a combination of knowledge about the products and a wide selection.

This shop has several locations throughout the county, all of which have an incredible selection and stellar service.

You will love this shop because it has as much of an online presence as it does an in-person presence. You will be able to stock up on all of the vape hardware, e-liquid, batteries, loose tobacco, and any other products you are looking for.

This store has long been a favorite for people throughout the area and continues to deliver high standards of service that customers appreciate.

You can even stop by and grab some chewing tobacco from different brands. No matter what sort of tobacco products you love, you can count on this store to provide it in droves.

2. Smoke Train Bremerton

When you’re looking for excellence in your tobacco products, all you need to do is come aboard the train. Smoke Train in Bremerton offers you the opportunity to do just that.

You get the best of both worlds with this business, whether you are in the market for vapor shops or companies that have an extensive selection of cigars.

Browsing the aisles will let you know that Smoke Train excels when it comes to selling high-quality vape devices and also has a humidor filled with excellent stogie selections.

The history of cigars dates back to the golden age of the 1800s and long before. The professionals at this shop will keep you up to date on the latest and greatest options, while also teaching you the illustrious history of these tobacco products.

3. Suns Smoke

There’s a reason that Sun’s Smoke is one of the highest-quality tobacco shops in Kitsap County. If you love to vape, you need to look into purchasing the best vape device you can find.

Sun’s Smoke can help you with this, cuz it is one of the best e-cig shops in Kitsap County.

You’ll be able to stock up on several bottles of e-liquid at excellent prices. This shop specializes in flavor varieties so you will never get bored with your vape stash.

Stopping by this shop gives you the chance to learn which vape pens are the best and will let you browse a wide selection of loose tobacco, glass pieces, and other novelties to add to your collection.

4. Top Smoke

The name gives this one away since this is among the top tobacco smoke shop options you will find in Kitsap County. It is not just hyperbole, since this shop has aisles full of some of the best products you will find. For starters, you will have no shortage of e-liquid options from some of the best brands on the market.

You can also get loose tobacco here, in addition to your favorite artisan cigarettes. This shop has a menagerie of high-quality glass pieces that you can use to smoke your favorite product. Top Smoke even has an extensive selection of cannabidiol (CBD) that can help you out if you’re interested in experiencing the benefits of pure cannabinoids.

5. Q Mart

You can step into the Q Mart when you are looking for excellence in service and some of the best tobacco in all of Kitsap County. This shop is located in the heart of Bremerton and gets excellent reviews from customers all over the county.

You can’t miss the sign and the decorative building as soon as you pull up to it.

This artfully designed building specializes in an assortment of tobacco items, in addition to beer, wine, and other products. It’s one of the best spots in the Pacific Northwest of its kind, and you are guaranteed to find something that catches your interest. Here, you will be able to shop for light, medium, and full-body tobacco products cigars of all kinds.

Q Mart also sells vapes, e-cigarettes, and artisan cigarettes. The staff here can help you pair your cigars with the best whiskey or any other liquor you appreciate. This helps you learn the ins and outs of cigars so that you can become an aficionado.

While other ejuice shops specialize in just one product, Q Mart can sell you a little bit of everything.

6. Tobacco Zone

If you’re looking for a quality smoke and a beer, the Tobacco Zone has you covered. It’s a shop that offers an extensive supply of

Tobacco products for people who like vapes, pipes, cigarettes, and any other method of tobacco consumption.

You can take full advantage of an enclosed humidor that keeps your favorite selections fresh. It’s an excellent place to turn when you’re interested in branching out or simply want to pick up some old favorites. Customers in Bremerton swear by this location because of its walk-in humidor.

The staff here is knowledgeable and helpful and will assist you when you are looking for a quality selection. They also have excellent prices on cigarette packs and cartons for people who love to stock up in bulk. They also have several convenience store items so you can stock up all in one location for the weekend or for a relaxing evening at the house.

7. Tobacco Depot

If you’re looking for a one-stop shop, it doesn’t get much better than Tobacco Depot. The shop is situated in the Port Orchard area and has cheap smokes that you will appreciate. Whether you are in the market for a pack of Marlboros or a can of Copenhagen Wintergreen, this is an excellent place to make your weekly pickups.

The prices are favorable, so you will never have to break the bank when picking up whatever you are looking for. Customers appreciate this shop for its central location and the fact that it is always well stocked. It has something for high-end tobacco user and daily smokers alike.

Many people who appreciate tobacco also have a go-to brand. You can guarantee that this store stocks your favorite brands and will give them to you at an excellent price.

8. Hippie Hut Smoke Shop

If you’ve got a little bit of hippie in you, you absolutely need to take time out of your day to visit Hippie Hut Smoke Shop. This is a vape shop that is all about convenience and tobacco culture. The store has hours every single day of the week and offers you the laid-back experience that you need when you want to find the highest quality products available.

You’ll get a vibe for what the store is all about as soon as you step into the door. It is both laid back and immersive and the company takes pride in making each customer feel comfortable. You’ll find something that you need no matter your preference or level of experience. The store has an assortment of products that can help you, whether you are looking for e-cigarettes, vape batteries, pens, tanks, or any other device that you see fit.

It is also an excellent place to turn if you need some artistic glassware for your smoking materials. The shop has been around for more than 30 years and places a high priority on pleasing customers. The shop values art, culture, and all of the things that have drawn people to tobacco for all of recorded human history.

9. Grandpa Tobacco

This tobacco shop is a fixture in the Bremerton area for good reason. For one, there’s plenty of availability and the store is open 7 days a week. The selections are plentiful, you’ll find lots of parking, and the store is always kept clean.

This is a place to go to when you’d like cigars, pipe smoke, new smoking devices, and a host of other high-quality tobacco products. It is family-owned and has been around for several years, which is a big part of the reason people drive from miles away to come take advantage of all that the store offers.

People like coming here for a friendly face, along with knowledge about all of the products that you are looking for.

10. Tobacco Spot

This is the spot to turn to when you’re in Bremerton and need a great deal on the best products available. It’s a tobacco enthusiast’s dream come true due to the wide selection and excellent prices.

As soon as you stroll into the store, you will find plenty of different flavors and colors available for all of your tobacco juice needs. Whether you like mango, lush ice, strawberry, or any other flavor, the Tobacco Spot has you covered.

The store also has everything you need if you are a no-frills tobacco user. This includes things like cigarette cartons and artisan cigarillos. It’s a shop that attracts people from all over the county, and you can trust that they know their stuff and either have what you need in stock or can order it for you quickly.

11. Smoke Town

When you visit Smoke Town, the first thing that you will see is glass cases showcasing the merchandise. It’s an excellent place to shop when you are looking into tobacco products that are top-notch.

The store has a wide variety of vape devices and tanks that you’ll appreciate, along with glass pieces and various types of tobacco. You’ll be able to find inexpensive cartons of cigarettes and tasty flavors of e-liquid all under the same roof. The sheer variety alone makes this store worth your time, and you will also get customer service that will steer you toward the products that you’re looking for.

Smoke Town provides plenty of parking, is centrally located, and is a store that you will appreciate no matter what sort of products you’re seeking. With great prices and impeccable service, you won’t regret making a trip to Smoke Town.

12. Cigar Land

Cigar Land is a shop located in Silverdale that has a wide assortment of stogeys that you will appreciate. They can sell you cigars by the single stick or the box, and have an expansive humidor that keeps everything fresh before your purchase.

When you stop in, you’re immediately greeted by the knowledgeable and helpful staff. These pros will ask you what kind of cigar you like and can make recommendations based on the flavor, body, and pairing. In talking cigars with the staff, you will recognize right away that they are aficionados and cigar lovers first.

Not only do they have plenty of cigars that you will love, but they also sell wine and can teach you all about the perfect pairing. They recognize the appeal of these leisure items and stock nothing but the best and freshest cigars that you will find on the market.

The store professionals offer their own reviews on cigars so that you have an idea about what you are trying before you decide to purchase it. It’s a store that is beloved by cigar lovers in Silverdale, and is a fixture in the cigar community in Kitsap County.

Find the Best Smoke and Vape Shop Around

If you’re looking for a high-quality smoke and vape shop in Kitsap County, the twelve options above provide an excellent place to start. This is a big county that has several tobacco lovers sprinkled throughout. Your quest to find the perfect cigar, vape juice, pipe tobacco, or other product isn’t complete without the help of a go-to store.

With that said, it’s important that you rank these stores based on your own preferences.

While these are all worthy options, it doesn’t get better than Granite Vapor when you’re searching for the best tobacco products around. If you’re ready to shop, browse our selection and contact us if you have any questions.

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