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7 Day Workout Plan for Weight Loss

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How to Create 7 Day Workout Plan for Weight Loss? What comes to your mind when you think about weight loss?  Of course you get a thought of eating bland and insipid vegetables, some sugar free liquids gulping through your throat and a hard workout session to make you feel blue around the gills. You are not wrong because no matter what, a fitness plan requires hard routine of food and exercise to follow. However, this is not the entire picture of the plan. Think again with me; a well-shaped body, perfect figure, and a confident and attractive personality. Yes, this is all is also attached to your 7 day workout plan but only will be achieved when you will remain stick to plan and follow it on regular basis.

I understand that weight loss is not an easy task but I also know that it is not hard as well when you are firm to follow it. Firm decisions and regularity always takes you towards success.

Questions To Ask Yourself Before Starting With A 7 Day Workout Plan:

Before starting with a 7 day workout plan, you need to ask yourself ten most important questions. Here are ten questions:

  1. Why you Want to Lose Weight?
  2. Are You Okay with Your Current Weight?
  3. For How Long You Can Bear a Tough Routine?
  4. How Firm You Are in Your Decisions?
  5. You Will Join Professional Exercise Center or Do Weight Loss at Home?
  6. Are You Alone or Is There someone with you?
  7. How If You Didn’t Get Easy Results?
  8. Do You Have Enough Stamina?
  9. Do You Have Any Ailments Or Injuries?
  10. Have You Determined a Goal?

These ten questions are necessary to ask before planning and following your 7 day workout plan because it will tell you how strongly you are ready to follow the routine. We have seen many cases that after some days of tough routine, people end up saying that that are okay with their current weight and they would look at a plan when they will get a little fat.

“If you will keep losing your routine of following workout plans, you will make your get on a weight loss plateau that will become hard to climb”.

Therefore you need to remain firm on your decision. Along with this, you should never lose weight if you don’t see visible reductions in your weight after following 7 day workout plan for twice weeks. This is because, most of the time, our body takes time to reply to the workout sessions. You must not lose weight and keep going with your workout routine, after sometime, you will start seeing the difference. Therefore make a firm decision and never leave it on the way unless you get your results.

Here you go with your 7 Day Workout Plan for Weight Loss:

7 Day Workout Plan for Weight Loss:

I usually start 7 Day Workout Plans form Monday as it gives me an ease that till weekend, I would complete my routine of exercise. However, you can start with any day.

1.    Day 1 – Body Strengthen Training:

You need to start with body strengthen training because it is the “to your weight loss success”. It helps you in getting your body ready for to bear a tough and regular workout routine. By this training, your BMR would increase and you will be losing calories even when not working out.

·      What you need to follow this routine?

First of all, you need a clean and alone room, better with mirror, however without mirror is also okay and useable. You need to have enough space to lie down, jog, jump, and stretch your legs and arms. Along with this, you also need:

  • A workout bench
  • Couple of dumbbells
  • Your exact weight

While choosing dumbbells, make sure to determine a weight that you can easily grip and move during reps without feeling tired of hefty. Therefore, make sure to start with lightweight dumbbells and then move to the weighty ones. Once your equipment and spacing is ready, start with this first day workout of your 7 Day Workout Plan for Weight Loss:

1               Squats: (Fifteen reps.)

For squats, you need to as low as you can with your chest up, knees bent, and toes on the ground. (Your toes should remain on ground during this process).

2               Bench Press Dumbbells: (Twelve Reps.)

For this step, lie down on the bench with your hand pointing to grounds, butt on the bench, feet on floor with flat position while knees bent around the bench. Now, take dumbbells in your both hands and bring them towards your face and take back to ground.

3               Dumbbell Row: (Twelve Reps)

You will have to make same position like exercise number two however here you have to do dumbbell bents side by side, once with one hand.

4               Making Isometric Y: (Hold the position for thirty seconds)

You will have to lie on your belly with legs in the air and arms in the air too. Try to hold the position for up to thirty seconds. At start you may feel problem however with time it will get easier.

5               Step Ups with Box: (Thirty Reps on both sides)

For this exercise, you need to lift your foot into a lunge like climbing on a box. You will have to change your legs simultaneously and make thirty reps as total and 15 reps for each leg. Box is not necessary, you can simply jump.

6               Planks: (thirty seconds freeze position)

In planks, you simply have to lie on your down with belly facing floor. Put entire weight of your body on your both palms and stretch your body. Keep your core right and hold for thirty seconds.

Do all the exercise for three times and your first day routine is done. It will not take more than half an hour to let you to go through each exercise. You will take one and a half minute pause between each step.

2.    Day 2 – Running and Sprinting with Intervals:

Now it is the second day of your 7 day workout plan for weight loss. Start your day by drinking warm water with empty stomach. Take protein rich diet before your workout and start doing it. This day is for sprinting. Usually, we confusing sprinting with jogging, however it is different because you have to run very fast to keep up with your routine.

·      What you need to follow this routine?

You need any sort of running or cardio machine such as treadmills, indoor cycles, rowing machine, or an elliptical. Just one equipment from the aforementioned ones is enough. For sprinting you will have to make running sprints with pauses. And repeat exercise. Here is how you do it.

  1. Full out spring: (do for thirty seconds)

Keep this sprint for thirty seconds and then move to next.

  1. Jogging steadily: (do for 60 seconds)

Here, you have to set your treadmill at a point with moderate rate. It neither should be too hard nor too slow because both things will make jogging a little hard. Therefore, keep up with the moderate speed. Jog for sixty seconds and move to the first one again.

This exercise is specifically to increase your body stamina and make it ready for workout. Remember, you cannot do hard workouts on regular basis especially when you are novice. Moreover, this thing is also not recommended for experienced people. You will have to switch between both sprints for 12 times each and your workout plan for day 2 is complete.

3.      Day 3 – Running and Sprinting with Intervals:

You may feel a little tired at your body however try to take protein diet during resting time to get rid of this tiresome and feel energetic. Moreover, it will also provide you with an energy for your next workout. Remember, no matter how tired you are because of your workout, you still cannot sit to weight to feel energetic once again. Remind yourself with the promises you made with your body at start of your workout. However, on third day of your 7 Day Workout Plan, you don’t need to do a hard workout. It simply involve some rolling and stretching.

With rolling and stretching, your metabolic rate will be improved which is core thing to lose weight. Moreover, when you will do this stretching, your body will use energy. The use of energy is the other name of burning calories. You will have to remain in motion for third day and don’t ever stick with the sofa. You will have to do some:

  • Walking
  • Do things that takes energy including cleaning and washing
  • Try to determine a plan such as taking 1200 steps
  • Move around while talking on phone.

By doing so, you will keep your body in a state of motion and your body muscles will feel more energetic and opened for the next day exercise. You will be able to better at squats and stay on isometric Y Position for longer periods of time.

4.    Day 4 – Re-exercising Day:

This is the fourth day of your workout and as you had done just motions on third day so now it is time for some hard body strengthening and training. You don’t need to do anything in fact repeat all the moves of DAY ONE. This is your fourth day plan out of 7 Day Workout Plan for weight loss.

5.    Day 5 – Fitness with Friends:

On day five of your 7 Day Workout Plan, you are now much stronger for trying group exercises. You can call your friends or join a club of indoor cycling studio. Booking is so easy as well as cheap when you are doing it on group basis. You can also take membership of Boot Camp Class because now you are completely ready to follow the patterns of boot camp class. Don’t be nervous. When you will do some work out in group, you will learn how much stamina you need to get more or how better you are at work out than the rest of participants.

6.  Day 6 – Repeating Day:

Once again, come back to the hard plan you did on the first day and fourth day of your 7 Day Workout Plan. Do not cheat and try to more reps between the exercises as well as try to increase the number of sessions.

7.  Day 7 – Repeating Day:

Rest day, cheat day, happy day, or holiday, whatever you call it. It is the seventh day of your 7 Day Workout Plan that you can spend with your family and give your body a tight sleep for as long hours as want. This is your rest day. However, I would suggest that in the evening, try to go for a walk to give your body a reminder of the exercises you did in the rest of week. However, it is not necessary.

Bottom Line:

A 7 Day Workout Plan doesn’t mean that it is matter of just one week. You will have to stick to this routine to maintain a great figure and best body shape. Moreover, if you don’t see any visible differences in your shape after this week, don’t worry. You may be are on the weight loss plateau. Therefore, you need more time and strength to repeat this 7 Day Workout Plan for more weeks. Besides, you have to alter your diet as well and avoid eating junks of burger and drinking soda. Whenever you feel craved, eat fresh. It will be hard at start but after three weeks, you will feel like you were born to opt to this healthy life style.

All with this, you have to be patient enough to follow the routine of workout. Weight loss is not just a 7 day workout plan but a complete way of life that you will have to impose on you for continuous basis. Try to maintain an active and healthy living style.

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