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What Is the Best Pre-Workout for Powerlifters? Complete Run Down for 2019

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You’re not an average weight lifter. You don’t just lift weights to gain a sleek, muscular physique. You’re a powerlifter and you do it for the sport.

You have three tries to get it right or else you lose.

And, because you aren’t your run-of-the-mill gym rat, you’re probably curious as to which pre-workout would work best for you.

You need a pre-workout that will enhance your performance, not just pump up your muscles. You need supplementation that will give you energy, power, and strength.

So, what kind of supplementation will produce these results?

There are many supplements on the market sold to various types of gym-goers. But, powerlifters can’t be lumped in with the masses. Powerlifters can’t mess around when it comes to their sport, so they’ll need to choose carefully.

Read on to discover what ingredients to look for in a pre-workout and which are the best for powerlifters.

Pre-Workout Ingredients to Improve Performance

Pre-workout supplements aren’t all made the same. So, you’ll need to read the label to determine exactly what ingredients are in the supplement before purchasing. Below are some of the top ingredients to look for in a pre-workout supplement for powerlifters.

1. Carbohydrates

Common wisdom suggests you should eat carbs before workouts so your body has more energy available to burn. This is because carbs are your body’s first source of fuel. Pre-workouts containing carbs will give you more energy resources to help improve performance.

2. Caffeine

The benefits of using caffeine to get you up in the morning are well known. During a powerlifting workout, caffeine may help you to feel more alert and to have more energy. It may also help you to have more endurance, allowing you to elongate your workouts.

It achieves this by protecting your body’s storage of carbohydrates. It may also help you to burn more fat as fuel.

3. Creatine Monohydrate

Creatine monohydrate is a go-to substance found in many pre-workout supplements. It consists of three amino acids,  which are naturally produced by your body. Amino acids are the building blocks of protein.

Powerlifters taking creatine monohydrate can expect to see an improvement in their strength, more power, and increased lean muscle mass.

4. Betaine

Betaine is another amino acid-derived pre-workout ingredient. It’s known for its muscle-enhancing abilities which are ideal for powerlifters. It can increase your power, strength, and endurance.

It also promotes your body’s natural production of the human growth hormone and protein synthesis. It’s extremely beneficial for powerlifters who need to increase their repetitions and weight volume.

5. Alpha-GPC

Alpha GPC is a natural compound that helps your body to produce the neurotransmitter acetylcholine. Acetylcholine is responsible for focus, muscle activation, and power output.

This neurotransmitter also helps you to control movement. Alpha-GPC will help your body to raise acetylcholine levels quicker and aids in keeping them elevated for longer.

Pre-Workout Supplements Powerlifters Should Consider

Not all pre-workouts will contain the ingredients listed above. Pre-workouts will also contain additional ingredients that may address one of your concerns or needs related to powerlifting. Explore the following pre-workout supplements to determine which could be right for you.

1. C4 Original

Cellucor C4 original pre-workout supplement contains creatine and caffeine. It also contains other ingredients responsible for improving energy and performance. It contains no sugar, carbs, or calories making it a great choice for powerlifters looking to cut some weight.

C4 is America’s #1 Best Selling Pre-Workout. C4 has held this title since 2014. It is a trusted brand and to prove it, the company offers a 30-day money-back guarantee if you’re not satisfied with your purchase.

2. Pulse

Pulse offers its customers a guarantee that their product won’t cause any energy crashes, jitters, or stomach aches. It also contains all-natural ingredients making it smart pre-workout product. There’s no junk or dangerous stimulants which puts your mind and body at ease.

This product contains Betaine, caffeine, and other ingredients known to boost focus, energy, and muscle strength.

3. Lumberjacked

Lumberjacks get all the ladies and powerlifters who take Lumberjacked pre-workout will understand why. Lumberjacked contains amino acids, focus-boosting ingredients, and caffeine for energy.

Lumberjacked is also beneficial for powerlifters who want to know exactly what ingredients are in their pre-workout supplement. Lumberjacked prides itself on telling consumers exactly what’s in their product so you won’t be left guessing.

4. Mr. Hyde NitroX

Need an extra dose of energy before powerlifting? Mr. Hyde NitroX provides double the energy compared to other leading brands. It contains a caffeine matrix and Creatine HCL which help you to increase your power output and strength.

With just one scoop and a glass of cold water 15 to 30 minutes before your workout, you’ll see results in your gains and energy levels.

5. Untamed Ape Sh*t

Do you want laser-focus paired with power and aggression? Untamed Ape Sh*t pre-workout is formulated to provide you with intense energy and increased performance.

The best part? There is no crash or jitters after using this product.

This product contains caffeine and other energy-boosting substances that will provide you with muscle-building results. This product also has fat-burning and nitric oxide boosting qualities. Another added benefit of investing in their product is an improvement in mood and motivation.

Powerlifting Pre-Workout: Which Will You Choose?

Choosing a pre-workout is personal to each powerlifter. Even though powerlifters need to all produce certain results, no two bodies are the same. If you choose to experiment with pre-workout always read the labels thoroughly and follow the instructions.

Never take more than what is suggested. If you have a pre-existing health condition or take other medications, you’ll need to consult with your doctor before adding in any new supplementation into your routine. Some supplement ingredients and vitamins can interact with prescribed medications, so to stay safe and healthy you’ll need to speak with your doctor.

Want to purchase high-quality pre-workout perfect for powerlifters? Check out our product selection to determine which pre-workout meets your needs.

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