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To Travel, or Not to Travel, that is the question

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Travel is fascinating, and the journey is cleansing, inspirational, and enriching. But not during a global pandemic. In pandemic times, travel equates to the spread of a deadly virus. For the past year, the world has been struggling to control the proliferation of Covid-19.

The measures different countries, states, counties, regions, cultures, and societies have imposed to achieve that goal vary. The result is kaleidoscopic of restrictions and preconditions primarily for international travel, which have affected people’s lives, the travel and tourism industry, and how we perceive travel in general. Added to the personal considerations of vulnerability and travelers’ unique needs, what has evolved is challenging to plan and logistically complicated to manage and navigate.

Should I travel? The resounding answer is no unless you have to. Different parts of the world have different infection rates, different speeds of vaccination, and tools for mitigating the disease spread with vastly different effectiveness. So unless you have to travel, it is not a good idea to indulge your inner traveler; you can play a role in ending this nightmare by exercising a bit more patience before you hit the road or air.


Here is a quick reference guide to help you make an informed decision.


COVID-related restrictions and preconditions

COVID-19 Travel Regulations Map:

Travel Restrictions by Country:

COVID-19 Travel Recommendations by Destination – CDC

COVID-19 Country Specific Information by the US Department of State:


Drive or Fly?

Is it safer to fly or drive during the pandemic? 5 health experts weigh in:


Tips to minimize risk

Planning A Spring Break? These 5 Tips Can Help Minimize Risk:

Coronavirus travel advice by Mayo Clinic


A-Z Airline COVID-19 policies


I hope the resources provided bring clarification and insight into whether to travel or not travel and, should you decide to travel, how to protect your self effectively and those around you.

In my opinion, the best kind of travel right now is a journey by imagination.

Dream. Plan. Stay Healthy.

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