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Tips To Experience Profitable Lockdown Period

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While looking out of your window, at home, strange view that you never could have expected this year and it was full of emptiness in the street.

Don’t waste such profitable moments at home doing nothing. Because nothing is what you will get for sure. It is a good start to look at what Online Business could offer you whilst sitting at home with your love ones.

Perhaps you’ve read the information on online work on few business models. Good to do your own due diligence. But undisputed, the most profitable and easiest way to start an online business is by way of affiliate marketing.

Let me share this with you on guidelines to start your own affiliate business using marketing funnels.

An affiliate marketing funnel is a mechanism used to turn visitors into customers. There are several steps to build a successful funnel.

1. You must have a web site to put up a lead capture page. This is where you draw your visitors into the mouth of the sales funnel. Using an auto-responder, even a free one, you set up a page that asks for the visitor’s name and e-mail address, thus capturing the lead.

2. Once you have the visitor’s information your auto-responder will begin to mail with messages that you have already loaded into the message center related to the free offer that they signed up for.

3. Continue making offers until the visitor makes a purchase or drops out of the sales funnel.

This is to get visitors into your funnel to continue to advertise even after they leave your website. Most people don’t buy anything the first time it is offered.

To get many offers to increase the price of the product. That’s something that you know because as an affiliate marketer you make a commission on sales made through your efforts.

How? As long as you are using an auto-responder it gives visitors the option to opt-out any time. As an affiliate marketer, identify your programs in front of the customer. There are reasons why people buy things, and the most important one is that the offer was made.

By entering your funnel, the visitor has indicated an interest in a specific topic. Now that you know this thing about the visitor you can use auto-responders to build a relationship of offering quality products for their consideration. It is up to you as an affiliate marketer to offer additional products related to that subject and present them in a way that will convert your visitor into a customer.


Don’t get confused, stay focus


When you’re starting in internet marketing, there are choices you need to make, the main choices are affiliate products. Most people go for Advertising space to start with, but in the end, this is one of the hardest to make a living. Then most people start into Affiliate Marketing but aren’t sure what to do.

The main reason is that when advertising, you don’t need to worry if your visitors are looking for what you are selling. But as you move into affiliate sales or real product sales in general. If someone is doing research, or just browsing because they are bored they’ll click on an ad here and there, but won’t buy anything. This is major when it comes to affiliate marketing; you need to attract the people who are looking to buy products and not just people that are browsing for information.

I have used the Affiliate funnel system for a while now, and have found that it shows you steps on how to get the right people to your website. I learned that we the beginners make mistakes unaware of our keywords and phrases.

This is one of the things that the Affiliate Funnel system teaches. They go in-depth into other extremely important areas as well, like Landing pages, opt-in lists, etc. If you are serious about internet marketing, it is a product that you should consider to save time on testing out vast methods.

As an affiliate marketer using funnels and earning a high commission, five factors have to be determined.



You have to evaluate: where do I want to go into? Before you do make sure that there is a need for the product. Above all else, brainstorming and do some market research.

The second component to earn high commission as an affiliate marketer is your offer. Know that people are looking for a solution to their problems and not what you have.

Get into your prospect’s shoes and think about what they want to achieve with your offer. No matter which market you choose, you must market your product as a solution to their problem.


Better to start now rather than never.


The third factor for earning high commissions as an affiliate marketer is traffic. You must have traffic to your website as much as it is for a shop owner in a shopping center. Without traffic, there is no business. But you have to get targeted traffic i.e limit the number of window shoppers and boost the number of real and prospective customers.

You have to find out what the specific segment of your market that will be most interested in your offer before you start advertising to get traffic to that section of the market.

The fourth component is a market term called “back-end”. The back-end is the offer you make follow up after an initial sale is made. Among other terms used by marketers is “front-end” and “mid-level”, being in sales funnel.

The “front-end” is where a lead product you advertise to your market from your website.

The “mid-level” offer tries to persuade the customer to buy a related additional product at a discount.

Most of your income will be generated from your back-end offer. That means you have to follow up with your existing customers with relevant offers.

The fifth component important to an affiliate marketer is duplication. This means: duplicate your existing business model or system into other markets or horizontal product lines within the same market. Duplication means to multiply your overall profits by creating multiple streams of income. This is crucial for reasons. First, there comes a point that your business becomes saturated, which means you can’t get more profit from your first business. Duplication allows you to double your income, in as many markets as you like

In conclusion, affiliate marketing as a business model is one of the easiest ways to earn money through online jobs. It is a simple and effective system to make popular a merchant’s product. Users go online not only to chat or find information but also to sell or buy specific products. Commonly, marketing is a must to increase the popularity of any product. Affiliate marketing is also such a way between merchants and website owner or affiliate agreed to advertise one party on behalf of others. Thus merchant’s products got popularity and sales increases. For every sale of a product, the affiliate is paid.

Thank you for reading and hey, introducing David Dekel. He’s an established internet marketer with years of experience online. He had a system done, a marketing funnels which you could benefit and profit from. Click at the continue button below and he will explain to you in details.

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