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Tips for Selling or Buying a Home in 2020

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Whether you’re planning to purchase a home or yours is on the market, a home pest inspection will give you peace of mind.

The real estate market is volatile during the global health crisis, so pest inspections play a more important role than ever before to ensure a successful sale.

Read on to learn some helpful tips for buyers and sellers so you know you’re getting a great deal or a great offer for your home.

Home Pest Inspection Tips for Buyers

A standard home inspection typically doesn’t include the services of a licensed pest inspector. Don’t skip this part of the process, since you’ll want to ensure that your new home is clean and pest-free.

Hire a pest inspection company and look for signs of termite damage, mice droppings, and ants in the bathrooms and kitchen. Holes in the fascia can be a sign that there is a potential pest problem.

Have your home inspector look for open water sources or small leaks, which are both enticing for a variety of pests. You should also ask the seller if they currently have pest control coverage.

If the sellers are current Viking customers, they can transfer their coverage to you for continuous protection. Another important part of pest control when buying a house is to have it disinfected before you move in.

When you move into a clean, pest-free home, you’ll be happy and confident you’ve made the right decision. Disinfecting the home also helps prevent the spread during these difficult times.

Pest Control and Inspection Tips for Sellers

If your home is on the market, it’s a good idea to disinfect your home before you host any open houses. An alternative way to show your property is to consider doing virtual tours online or through your realtor.

When visitors come into your home, offer hand sanitizer to everyone as they enter. Try to limit the number of people who come inside at any given time.

If you can, offer PPE like masks, gloves, or protective booties to potential buyers and agents. If you’re a Viking client, make sure you show your termite certificate. It shows buyers that you already have a home pest inspection and service on record.

To keep pests at bay, close up any small holes or cracks that might allow them to come inside. Repair any leaking water and cut back dead or long tree branches away from the room of your home.

Removing bird feeders and getting rid of old fireplace wood are other easy ways of controlling pests.

Make the Most of Your Home with Pest Control

From buying a new property to selling your current house, a home pest inspection can give you peace of mind. Do your best to prepare your home for sale by keeping it clean and practicing common sense pest control methods.

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