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Three Ways to Impact Government Policies

Government policies impact almost every part of your life. They decide where tax dollars go, what people are permitted to do, and more. What is government policy but the very heart of a nation?

You know the rich and powerful can affect that heart. But you’d be mistaken if you think you can’t too.

Learn how you can make an impact below.

1. Lobbying

Lobbyists have something of a bad reputation. Many people associate them with powerful companies, using their money and influence to achieve self-serving goals. 

While some lobbyists do indeed engage in that behavior, there are all sorts trying to achieve any number of things. A lobbyist is someone who helps solve problems their client may have with the government. How ethical their work is depends on the client.

Lobbyists can help you change law and policy. The Center for Law and Social Policy (CLASP) lobby for a number of important political issues. They seek things like racial equity and more tools for the impoverished to get help.

A lobbyist can help the causes important to you. If you hire your own, you become their client and it becomes their duty to genuinely help you make change. It may take work and time, but they can help make a real plan.

As a final note, some wonder, are lobbyists lawyers? The short answer is no, although there is some overlap in their skillsets. You can click the link for a fuller answer.

2. Grassroot Efforts

For individuals of relatively average income or even an income on the low side of six figures, politics can be frustrating. While you can vote, it is harder to make big changes on your own without large amounts of money.

The good news is that politics is a game of numbers, not just dollars. Political groups use money to change minds, through things like advertising. They have a message they pay to get out to the wider public.

For most people, that is not an option. But what one can do is build a group, the bigger the better. You can rally people around a cause, and slowly build its momentum.

This is the basic principle behind grassroots efforts. Instead of paying for your message to get out (although a big enough community effort can do that too), you use people. They spread your message and try and convince people your cause is important. 

As a group’s voice gets louder, they can influence politics and ensure their message cannot be silenced by the opposition. 

3. Voting

Voting is misunderstood. Many voters are disenfranchised and can feel powerless. We won’t deny sometimes your vote might have a low impact; it depends on the strength of the opposition.

At the same time, voting can be an incredibly powerful tool for change. If you join a political group or start your own, you might turn your one vote into dozens, hundreds, or even thousands. You can build the momentum of a community towards your cause.

There is maybe no number more important in politics than the votes a politician or policy receives. If your favorite wins the vote, it doesn’t matter how much more money your opposition had.

Understanding Government Policies

Working to affect government policies is one of the most fulfilling marketing efforts one can engage in. In effect, you are selling an important cause to politicians and community members.

Whether marketing for a good cause or to sell your latest product, we encourage you to explore our site for more great tips.

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