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Three Types of Heating Systems for Houston Homes

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Here in Houston, we talk a lot about AC units, pretty much because Houston is known for its heat. However, when it does get cold, it can get REALLY cold. If you are in the market for buying a house here in Houston, you need to know what kind of heating system it does have. So, we are going to dive into the three types of heating systems for Houston homes.


A furnace is the most well-known type of heating system and is the most widely used. A furnace is an appliance that heats up air and blows it through the ducts via air registers or grills. This type of heating system is commonly referred to as a forced warm-air distribution system. A furnace may be fueled or powered with gas, oil, electricity, or some type of fuel like coal or wood. Here in Houston, you’re going to mostly see either gas or electric furnaces. With a gas-fired furnace, the fuel is mixed with the air, and then it is burned. The flames help heat a metal heat exchanger which allows the heat to be transferred to the air.


Boilers work similarly to furnaces. The difference is, instead of heating air, boilers heat water. In Houston, you are generally going to find gas boilers. Gas boilers work by releasing the fuel through a gas valve into a sealed combustion chamber in the boiler through small jets. With an electrical ignition, the gas is combusted to create heat. This heat is absorbed by a connected pipe carrying cold water. The water is heated to about 180°F and transferred to the radiators through your home to maintain the heated indoor climate.

Heat Pumps

Heat pumps are kind of like an AC unit running in reverse. A central heat pump systems look exactly like a forced-air furnace and A/C setup found in most homes, with one major exception – there isn’t a furnace. Instead of a furnace is an air handler that involves a blower fan and an evaporator coil. Heat pumps use an outdoor condenser for both heating and cooling.

Which One is Best for Houston Homes

This really depends on what you are looking for. You don’t find many residential homes here in Houston with boilers. Furnaces are designed to offer a powerful amount of heat through the winter. The problem is, Houston doesn’t really get that cold for most of the winter. A heat pump was designed for milder climates. However, just because it doesn’t get cold most of the winter, doesn’t mean it doesn’t get cold. Usually once to twice a winter there is a really bad cold snap where it gets REALLY cold. Anyone remember the February freeze? Furnaces are perfect for those cold snaps.  Lining up all the options, we suggest going with what is most important to you.

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