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This is Why You Need a Backlink Strategy

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It is commonly understood that backlinking is one of the top three methods Google uses to determine the ranking of pages in its search engine. The trouble is that many companies and websites do not yet understand this. You can break ahead by having a solid backlink strategy with which to move forward in your marketing.

This article will go over the basics of backlinks and why you need a plan with how to use them. It will also share knowledge on what is a successful and unsuccessful strategy so you can move forward with a plan of your own.

What Is a Backlink

Before Google’s SEO features, most search engines ranked websites by their content. Since the Internet has exploded in use, however, that is no longer viable. Google now calculates its listings from several pieces of information it can detect, one of which is backlinks.

Backlinks are, in simple terms, links that refer to another website or research. For marketing, these are only links on external websites that send people back to your website. These links suggest to Google that your website is worth noting and will bump its search engine optimization (SEO) ranking.

A higher SEO ranking will net you extra people visiting your site. Making sure you have plenty of backlinks is a foundation for a successful online presence.

What Can You Get From A Successful Backlink Strategy

Huge numbers of people are founding startups every day. For this reason, having a successful backlink strategy can make you stand out from the crowd.  You can assure yourself that even if you display similar services as a competitor you will appear higher in the search rankings than them.

If you play your cards right, you will also be able to start networking with non-competitive companies out there in the same industry as you. This will be useful long-term as you may be able to approach them for collaborations or other interactions.

What Are Successful Strategies?

One of the primary methods of getting a large number of backlinks is by being an authority in the circle for which you wish to become known. Several blogs these days like to cite sources in their writing. If you become the location that everybody cites you can rest assured of a large number of backlinks that guide others back to you.

To that end, we recommend that you either write or hire someone else to write. Creating a blog with several posts talking about your area of expertise in a skilled and knowledgable way will draw others to link to you.

Others promoting your blog encourages even more people to know about your site and follow it to your homepage. From here, you can promote your core products.

Many people these days also do what has become known as the “Skyscraper” method. This entails looking at existing articles, writing a better version, and then linking to your own content instead. Should this be successful, your site will generally be the one where clickthroughs get driven to.

While skyscrapering can only occur so much with the same content, it is not unknown for SEO experts to update them. By following trends and memes when updating content they can encourage new viewers.

If you do not follow these strategies, chances are high you will not be able to gain a successful SEO presence in Google’s analytics. This will lead to your website plummeting in its placement in Google searches, even those related to your specific area of expertise.

Why Do They Work?

Skyscrapering works as you are providing a better piece of content than someone else. You are creating value and, by association, increasing the worth of your site that you link to.

Establishing relationships with others in your industry will always be useful. Through networking, you can encourage others to backlink via content on their websites. Also, their positive view of your business may encourage them to create links without prompting.

These good relationships may come in various forms moving forward in the SEO world. Examples include good reviews, blog mentions, or references in descriptions of other products.

It is important, however, that these links be valuable. Google can determine whether a link is useful based on the clickthrough and several other factors. If the backlink is not a useful piece of content, you may find your SEO score slipping.

One way Google can tell if your link is valuable through seeing if it contains custom content. If your site is little more than a default WordPress page, Google is unlikely to rank it high. Similarly, if the content on the site is a copy from elsewhere, your ranking will drop fast.

What Are Unsuccessful Strategies?

Not having a backlink strategy can damage your ability to gain notice online. You may end up making one of any number of mistakes that can cause more harm than good. We recommend that you do significant research to find how to create a solid strategy without making the more obvious mistakes.

A few examples of not researching good strategies can include:

  • Only having backlinks from one source, suggesting that you paid for all the links
  • Having backlinks from different nationalities to those who should be visiting your site
  • Being linked to by an article related to SEO content
  • Backlinks existing only in the comments sections of other websites

Each of these is something Google detects. They are perfect examples of why a solid, well-researched backlink strategy is a better option than trying to backlink ad-hoc.

Where Can I Find Out More?

Now you have more of an idea of what a good backlink strategy is and why you need it. We hope you can use this advice to convert interest into visitors and visitors into sales.

We also provide more advice related to SEO, backlinks, and other topic related to gaining visitors. To view this content we recommend you check out our blog and find more info on what to do next in your SEO journey.

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