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Warm Weather Performance Diesel Fuel Additive

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Water in your tank or fuel system is always a problem, as we all know. As the seasons change, it’s easier for water to get into your fuel. When the daytime temperatures start to rise and the nighttime temperatures keep falling the daily change can lead to condensation inside the tank, which, if not taken care of, could lead to algae and bacteria. Major makers of diesel engines say that demulsification is the best way to get rid of water molecules.

DIESEL FIRE is the best demulsifier for diesel fuel in warm weather. It improves performance all around and helps you avoid expensive breakdowns. DIESEL FIRE breaks up clumps in water, raises the cetane level by up to 6 points, makes the fuel smoother, and cleans the fuel system by getting rid of deposits, even in high-pressure common rail engines. Adding Diesel Fire Summer Performance Additive to this diesel fuel truck improved it’s fuel mileage while towing a travel trailer. Over 110 miles of towing a 6500 pounds of trailer & Equipment fuel efficiency went from 7.1 miles per gallon to 8.7 miles per gallon.

Summer Diesel Fuel Additive for Lubricity

Even though diesel engines can handle high temperatures better than gasoline engines, the summer heat can still be hard on them. As the weather gets hotter and hotter, more and more things start to happen that can mess up your engine. If you treat your diesel fuel, it will help a lot with the problems that warmer temperatures can cause.

Before high amounts of sulfur were taken out of diesel to meet pollution rules, it was the natural lubricant in diesel. If ULSD didn’t have those higher levels of sulfur, it wouldn’t have the lubricity that your engine needs so badly. One problem with today’s Ultra Low Sulfur Diesel (ULSD) fuel is that it doesn’t have enough lubricity in it.

E-ZOIL Performance Diesel Fuel Additives

E-ZOIL performance boosters are made for the Ultra Low Sulfur Diesel that is used today. They meet all emission rules and give your valuable diesel-powered equipment even more protection. All of the E-ZOIL diesel fuel additives can be used with biodiesel fuel without any problems. It can be used with any diesel fuel system to keep your machines running efficiently and working at peak performance.



By putting back as much critical lubrication as possible into the fuel system, injectors, pumps, and upper cylinders won’t wear out as quickly. With gas prices going through the roof, there has never been a better time to save money by using E-ZOIL products and adding Diesel Fire to your diesel fuel system.

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