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Our Top 10 Bathroom Design Trends For 2023

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Thinking about updating your Sydney bathroom but have no idea where to start with the design? We’re here to help! Below we have compiled a list of our top 10 favourite bathroom trends of 2022/23, take a look through and hopefully, you’ll see some ideas that you can spin to your individual style and space!

A wide-head shower is a stylish way to add a bit of extra luxury to your bathroom. Got some extra cash to splash? Install a rain shower with dual attachments, allowing you to swap between a larger overhead spray and a more focused spray.


A trend we saw introduced recently is monochromatic bathrooms with coloured feature pieces like tapware and basins. The possibilities are endless, whether you prefer light pastel tones or dark hues like brass, gunmetal grey and matte black – you can add a pop of individuality and colour whilst keeping your bathroom stylish and timeless.


Bathroom skylights are a stylish and unique way to introduce natural light to your space and can even give the illusion of a larger space if you have a small area to work with.


Bathrooms can often look cold and uninviting, so why not add some warmth to your space with indoor plants? One particularly popular plant being used in bathrooms at the moment is orchids as the white flower and dark green leaves compliment the popular monochrome trend.


While older bathrooms typically have the sink built into the bench of the vanity, modern bathroom design adds the basin as a separate feature and will often have it coloured. Pastel colours and monochromatic colours are particularly popular.


Add a statement wall behind your mirrors and vanity to break up the space, provide a dramatic eye-catching feature and add a touch of personality to your bathroom. Your statement wall can be a single colour like a dramatic matte black or blush pastel, or you can even showcase a unique pattern or art!


Backlit mirrors were a bathroom staple for some time now and continue to be into 2023. Whether your mirror is oval or rectangular, backlighting adds an almost luxurious, expensive feel to your space and looks particularly spectacular when mounted on a dark statement wall.


Stylish AND functional – now this is a trend we can get behind. A bath caddie is essentially a handy storage shelf for bath essentials including books, wine, soap, razors, you name it! Unfinished wood is our favourite texture for bath caddies as it looks fantastic with practically any bathroom aesthetic.


When you think of a white on white bathroom, your first thought most likely turns to a hospital bathroom right? Traditional white doesn’t have to mean cold and sterile, when done right, a white on white bathroom oozes style, elegance and timeless glamour. You can even add your own unique touch by introducing different textures and pops of colour with tapware, bathmats or plants.


Another practical and stylish bathroom trend we’re in love with, a shower bench is perfect if you have the extra space. Too hungover to stand upright? Need somewhere to store your essentials or a place to sit while you shave your legs? Install a shower bench!


So there you have it, our top 10 favourite bathroom trends for 2023. If you’re considering renovating your Sydney bathroom, talk to our expert design team at Aussie Home Renovations today to discuss your dream bathroom!

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