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Be Your Strongest Self with Jen’s Get Fit Group

Jen’s Get Fit Group, based in Missouri, is helping you become your strongest self through custom workouts and meal plans based on your needs.


Missouri, USA, September 17, 2021– The key to living a healthy life is through exercise and a balanced diet. However, more often than not, this is much easier said than done.

This is where Jen Loganbill can help! Jen is a certified personal trainer as well as a nutritionist. She founded Jen’s Get Fit Group to help people discover their best selves.

“I’ve experienced firsthand how both food and exercise can be taken to extremes, which is why I’m passionate about helping people find consistency and balance,” said Jen.

Jen takes a unique, yet effective approach to her workouts. Her workouts are only twenty-four minutes long, see here! Through a consistent combination of exercise and diet, 24 to 30 minutes a day is all that is necessary with Jen’s program.

“When I first started these workouts, I was doubtful they would be challenging enough— I had been lifting weights at the gym for years. But it only took one workout to change my mind,” said Jon Loganbill, Video Editor and Chief.

Jen will provide you with five 24 minute workouts. Each workout is unique, and you will never do the same workout twice. Everyone is encouraged to try the program. Jen can cater to any level of fitness, from beginner to expert.

Jen also provides bonus workouts to those who want to get a bit more out of their workout.

Nutrition is the other half of the battle that especially gets overlooked. Many times people fail to see results despite constantly hitting the gym. This is because they are not fueling their body with the proper nutrients. Jen can get you on track with a meal plan and 1:1 macro coaching that goes along with your workout routine.

“I’m here to tell you that a healthy relationship with food and exercise is possible—no matter where you are in life,” said Jen.

Jen’s Get Fit Group also has a shop, where you can purchase all sorts of items, ranging from workout accessories to water bottles, to apparel.

To learn more about Jen Loganbill and her fitness program, you can take a look at her website at Her website is user-friendly and easy to navigate. Members can enjoy access to the meal plans, workout routines, and bonus workouts found on the website.

What are you waiting for? Become your strongest self today with Jen’s Get Fit Group!

About Jen’s Get Fit Group: Jen is an encouraging online fitness instructor based in Missouri that caters to both men and women, but primarily women. She offers a private Facebook group to all members to join for support and offers new content every week. You’ll never do the same workout twice. Jen provides meal plans, 1:1 macro coaching, new workouts, and fitness apparel.

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Jen Loganbill
Jen’s Get Fit Group, Missouri, United States
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Facebook or Instagram: @Jens.Get.Fit.Group

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