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When Is Mold Remediation Really Required?

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For mold remediation in The Woodland, you can trust your home or business to the professionals at Rytech Restoration. Our mold removal experts have taken the time to answer some of the frequently asked questions from home and business owners in the area.

Does mold need to be remediated?

Mold damage in kitchen of The Woodlands residential home that requires mold remediation

Partnering with a 24 hour mold remediation company after having water damage repaired can prevent future mold reinfestation. Opting for professional help can safeguard the health of your family, customers, visitors, and business associates. Mold remediation and removal can be a tricky business. Additionally, it can be dangerous to try to get rid of the mold on your own.

While not all kinds of mold are dangerous, mold thrives in almost all temperature conditions. As long as there’s moisture, mold can take root, and a mold problem could exist. Spores can cause severe damage to your property. That’s why it’s best to turn to one of the top mold removal companies, such as Rytech Restoration of The Woodlands.

What happens if you don’t remediate mold?

Left to its own devices, mode will continue to grow. It can quickly infest an entire room, and then a whole house or building. When you opt to forego professional mold remediation, it can damage the living conditions of your family or the health of those who visit your business.

On the other hand, seeking mold remediation services after water damage restoration can check the spread of mold and includes mold testing to ensure that your property remains safe. If you need assistance recovering from a flood or storm damage, seek disaster restoration services from certified, experienced mold cleaner. We can restore your home or business to its former state for your safety and peace of mind.

What are the levels of mold damage?

Levels of mold damage correspond to the area impacted, as follows:

  • Level 1: 10 square feet, Includes small infestations, typically on the ceiling tiles and baseboards.
  • Level 2: 10 to 30 sq. ft., or about one wall panel.
  • Level 3: 30 to 100 sq. ft., mold contamination this large is a more serious matter and it’s important to take precautionary measures for your health and safety.
  • Level 4: More than 100 square feet. Seek professional help from starting with him old inspection from certified professionals.
  • Level 5: HVAC system’s air ducts and air conditioners. If mold growth has spread to your HVAC system and air conditioners, it is freely circulating throughout your home. This spells serious trouble if not addressed immediately. It deserves your immediate attention and requires skilled mold remediation services to preserve your property.

What are acceptable levels of mold in your home or business?

Water damage from flooding or burst pipes can cause mold to spread if not cleaned up quickly. What are acceptable levels of mold? A mold inspection measures the number of mold spores in a specific room. Generally, mold testing results in counts of 200-500 spores. Anything over 1,500 mold spores in a specific room indicates established colonies that are growing, probably as a result of water damage.

What is considered unsafe levels of mold?

Readings over 1.500 mold spores in a specific room may indicate unsafe conditions. Air filters, air purifiers, and humidifiers can limit the amount of moisture in a room. However, exposure to damp, moldy environments can cause several health conditions in certain people. This may include irritated eyes, itchy skin, stuffy nose, and other symptoms, according to the CDC. It’s important to note that people react to mold spores in unique ways. However, it’s important to protect your customers, family members, and others from potential mold issues.

What is the difference between mold removal and remediation?

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Mold removal includes directly removing mold by tearing out drywall and other infested surfaces. Although you can never truly get rid of all the mold in your home, water removal using industrial drying equipment and mold clean up services can limit the spread and get the problem under control.

Mold remediation services also involve mold cleanup and may include disaster restoration services, as needed. It begins with a mold inspection and assessment.

Our mold remediation services include the following:

  • Containment: Our professionals isolate contaminated rooms to contain the damage.
  • Cleanup and air filtration: By cleaning mold off of nonporous and semi-porous surfaces, we can preserve some of your contaminated belongings.
  • Disposal or removal: Our services include removing and disposing of porous surfaces where mold can continue to thrive.
  • Sanitization: Sanitizing furniture, walls, and floors can prevent the reintroduction of mold at your home or business. We also freshen the environment with deodorizers.

Who to all for local mold remediation service?

Rytech Restoration of The Woodlands is a trusted provider of mold remediation services. People choose us because we’re Licensed, Bonded, and Insured, Preferred by Major Carriers, Provide 24/7 Emergency Services, Daily Job Monitoring, Work with Your Insurance, and all at an affordable rate. Contact us today to find out more about our services or to schedule a more inspection.

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