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The Official Expert Guide to Sperry Duck Boots

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Hello, dear reader! Welcome to the Country Club Prep Official Expert’s Guide to Sperry Duck Boots. If you’ve come across this article, it means that you’re into duck boots, which means you’re our type of guy or gal. It also means that you’re in exactly the right place to pick up a little knowledge. We’ll study some history. We’ll examine some product specs. We’ll laugh. We’ll cry. We might even share some helpful videos (note: we’ll definitely share some videos). So strap in! It’s time to drop a little knowledge.


Even if they didn’t do it first, L.L. Bean certainly did it the most famously. As the story goes, Bean had developed a waterproof boot back around 1912. He originally sold the lightweight leather and rubber creation to hunters in Maine, before ultimately becoming one of the earliest and most successful mail-order businesses in US history. Interestingly, one glaring hiccough almost de-railed the entire operation; defects in the Bean Boot’s original design ultimately led to over 90% of the original production being returned. To his credit, Bean honored his money-back guarantee, corrected the design flaws, and went on to great success. It just goes to show you – if at first you don’t succeed, just own your mistake, fix the problem, and you’ll go on to create a commercial empire. At least that’s the lesson we took from this story, but I digress.


Without diminishing L.L.Bean’s contributions to the world of foul-weather footwear, there’s always room to improve on a classic, and Sperry decided to do just that. As the premier name in nautical and wet-weather footwear, it made perfect sense for Sperry to develop its own spiritual descendant to the Bean boot. After all, Sperry has a generation’s worth of experience and expertise in boat shoes, so wet conditions are something of a home field advantage for the brand. Enter the Saltwater Duck Boot. It’s functional. It’s sleek. It’s stylish. And here’s Sperry Senior Product Designer Kate Sherrer to give you the lowdown:


Originally posted on YouTube by Sperry


Now then, wasn’t that helpful? It’s almost like Sperry knows a thing or two about shoes that hold up in wet and slippery conditions! In all seriousness, though, Sperry took a classic design and brought it seamlessly (get it? it doesn’t have seams!) into the 21st century. The creative uppers – no longer wed solely to leather – include woven herringbone, quilted canvas, and woolen plaids. Beyond that, Sperry decided to expand the color horizons for the once-hunting-boot, adding hues as un-outdoorsy as baby blue and bright pink. For the traditionalists out there, never fear! There’s still PLENTY of green and brown to go around, so if that’s your particular cup of small batch bourbon, you’ll have plenty from which to choose.

That first video was fun and informative. Let’s see another one while we’re at it!


Originally posted on YouTube by House Broken


Note to self: splashing in puddles looks way too fun not to do as an adult.

Far be it for us to steer you away from a Bean Boot if that’s the apple of your shopping eye, but if you’re looking for an updated look and feel, the Saltwater Duck Boot might be just the ticket. For our money, the sheer variety of colors and constructions make it clear why Sperry’s boots have been one of our most popular products and one of Google Trends’ top searches for the last three years.


What’s that you say? Men wear duck boots too? YOU DON’T SAY. Sperry wouldn’t have dreamed of leaving the gents out of their Fall flagship offering, which is why they created The Avenue Duck Boot, and that’s why I’m wearing a pair right now. To break the fourth wall a bit and inject a bit of personal information briefly, here’s my honest review. I’m surprised that a boot that is effectively forged from a rubber mold and a bit of leather could possibly be so comfortable. It shouldn’t happen. And yet I look forward to wet Fall days precisely so I can pull these on with a pair of jeans, cords, or khakis. It doesn’t hurt that I also feel 2 inches taller. Oh, and for you value-seekers out there, my Avenue Duck Boots are three years old, and they look no worse for the wear after countless rainy days and several snow storms.

Anyway, enough talk for the moment. Do we have a picture of the men’s duck boot for you? You know we do!

Sperry Men's Avenue Duck Boot

Now that is a good-looking boot! Also, if price is a factor for you as you peruse the duck boot offerings (and when is it not, right?), it’s nice to know that the entire collection comes in under $110 (versus $135 for a Bean boot). Would you pay $110 for something indestructible? I know I would, even if I didn’t get the ultra-premium founders’ discount!


As mentioned above, we’d never try to dissuade you from a pair of Bean boots. They’ve withstood the test of time, and I’ve never heard a negative word from a wearer. But if you do happen to be in the market for some foul-weather boots, I highly recommend giving Sperry a try. The craftsmanship is excellent. The variety is impressive. The price is right.

Did you know that Sperry has actually sold out of the Saltwater Duck Boot for three straight seasons? It’s true, and it’s unbelievable that they’ve become so popular in such a short time. Much to our chagrin, Country Club Prep hasn’t made it to a single Black Friday with stock in the warehouse, even when we’ve bet big on the boots’ appeal. Not this year, though! You can count on a vast selection of styles and sizes, and if this Fall is anywhere near as damp as the last, we know they’ll be flying out the door just like their quacking namesakes. Enough talk from us! Click the link below if you’d like to check them out. Au revoir!


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