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The Importance of Site Safety Signage on Construction Sites

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Construction safety signage is a requirement on all Australian construction sites. Highly visible construction site signage can help prevent injuries on-site and ensure that all staff and visitors are aware of any dangerous hazards.

Without construction site signage employees could be left unaware of risks and employers might find themselves in significant legal and workplace safety trouble.


What Are the Different Types of Construction Signs?

These are a few of the main construction signs you should have present on your site:

mandatory construction signs

Mandatory Signs

These signs are specific to an action that must take place in certain areas of your site. These could have actions such as headgear must be worn or high visibility vests must be worn.

prohibition construction signs

Prohibition Signs

These signs are specific to actions that are not permitted on your site. These could be actions such as smoking on site.warning construction signs

Warning Signs

These signs are specific to warn of hazards or potential hazards that are not life-threatening. These could be hazards such as uneven surfaces or the risk of an electric construction signs

Fire Signs

These signs are specific to help workers and visitors identify the location of fire extinguishers.emergency construction signs

Emergency Information Signs

These signs are specific to the location of specific emergency facilities. These could be facilities such as emergency exits, first aid kits and so on.danger construction signs

Danger Signs

These signs are specific to warn of hazards or potential hazards that are likely to be life-threatening.


Why Would You Need Construction Signage?

This is not to say that site safety signs should be solely relied on; there is no substitute for well-trained staff. Instead, the signs have a purpose to serve as a reminder and be of use to those who aren’t familiar with your construction site or process. For this reason, it is necessary that safety signs are easy to understand. Simple graphics or words work far better than complex instruction in allowing a person to make an immediate decision. Many are typically recognisable, such as the red circular prohibition sign, but others might need to be more specific depending on the situation.

Having the proper signage in your place of work can help prevent accidents, and Australia has legislation in place that means signs are legally required. Compliance is, therefore, both beneficial and essential.


What Makes TTFS’ Construction Site Signage Different?

At TTFS, we have a range of custom printed corflute construction site signs. We can help you take that one step further than your competitors by branding your construction site signage so you can increase brand awareness whilst meeting OH&S standards.

Our construction signs are cost-effective, lightweight, weather-resistant and durable. They are the most commonly used signage product on temporary fence runs and for short-term signage use such as real estate signs and for events and festivals. Our corflute construction signs are also significantly cheaper than other signage products constructed from PVC, metal and vinyl.

Our custom construction signs come in two standard sizes; 1200mm x 900mm and 900mm x 600mm. We can also make custom shapes and sizes up to 2.7m x 1.2m and can join panels together to make larger-scale signage.

We can also finish our construction signs with stainless steel eyelets so you can easily attach them to your temporary fencing. We are more than happy to help you choose the right material, assist you with print requirements and provide graphic design support. You can also use our website to preview and submit your design.


If you would like more information about our construction site safety signs, give us a call on 1300 119 998, email us at [email protected] or contact us through our enquiry form today!

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