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The Importance Of Residential Roof Cleaning, Explained

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Your roof keeps you safe and sound in your house while the elements of nature roll through. After all, there’s nothing quite like drinking a warm cup of tea in your snuggly, dry kitchen while it’s pouring outside.

Your roof, exposed right at the top of your home, is the perfect breeding ground for all sorts of debris: organic growth, dirt, dust, bird droppings, and more. If left to its own devices, your roof will degrade over time and become vulnerable to the elements.

Read on to learn why you should consider getting a residential roof cleaning for your house.

Roof Cleaning Prevents Organic Growth

If you’ve ever left a pool full of water to sit outdoors for weeks and months, you know exactly how dirty and slimy it can get. Although your roof isn’t full of water, its surface gets wet. Over time, this prompts organic growth.

Common types of organic matter include:

  • algae
  • moss
  • lichens

The difference may not be drastic. But, you might notice the colour of your roof getting darker over the years.

Getting your roof professionally cleaned through roof cleaning services will get rid of all that harmful organic build-up. It’ll leave you with a roof that looks almost brand new.

Regular Roof Cleaning Slows Roof Damage

Across your entire lifetime, you’ll probably need to replace your roof between one and three times. It depends on the type of roof you have and how well your roofers installed it in the first place.

Shingle roofs come unstuck over time. The nails come up, the shingles crack, and organic growth rots the tiles.

All of this deteriorates the condition of your roof and speeds up the time between your next roof repair and replacement. This is guaranteed to be a costly job.

One of the benefits of roof cleaning is that you can catch the damage before it gets worse. This will extend the overall life of your roof.

Residential Roof Cleaning Increases Property Values

Various home improvement projects increase your property’s value. Although it may not seem like it, residential roof cleaning is one of them. But why?

Getting regular roof cleanings maintains the structural integrity of your roof. This increases curb appeal and maintains the property’s overall condition.

It also opens the door for potential solar installation down the line. Solar panels and a paid-off solar PV system will also increase your home’s value.

Even if you don’t install solar, regular residential roof cleanings will keep your roof in good enough condition to last you decades.

Get a Residential Roof Cleaning Today

Owning a house requires a lot of maintenance work, including keeping the very top of your house in a sound structural condition. A roof cleaning improves the aesthetics of your home and keeps the interior of your house safe. This adds to your overall property value up.

If you’re looking to get the roof of your house professionally cleaned, look no further. Our experts here at 19PFM can have your home looking almost brand new in a matter of hours.

Get in touch with us for a free quote on your home’s roof cleaning today. We service areas across the UK.

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