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Oregon Substance Abuse Treatment

Are you looking for Bend Oregon substance abuse treatment? Are you wondering if your addiction needs professional treatment from an accredited rehab center? Finding the right treatment can be daunting but the experts at Sunstone can ensure a lasting recovery.

If you’re looking for substance abuse treatment for yourself or a loved one, you’re not alone. Sadly, this part of the recovery process is where many people get lost. In reference to the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration’s 2012 National Survey on Drug Use and Health, only 1/10 of people in your situation get the addiction treatment they need.

Now is not the time for doubt. Trust yourself get the treatment you need the end result of recovery is the most fulfilling aspect of your new journey.

Why You Need Oregon Addiction Treatment Center

When your life and relationships begin to deteriorate because of substance abuse, addiction

treatment is the only option for living a better life. The Criteria for addiction includes:

Lack of control or responsibility

Unable to quit despite wanting to

Cravings and/or withdrawal

Relationship problems

Tolerance requiring larger doses for the same effects

Lost interest and worsening life situations

Stuck in the cycle of drug-seeking and using

If only a few of the above relates to you, you may have a mild substance use disorder. However, more than a few mean your disorder is moderate or severe. In some cases, you may face mental illness and addiction and will need to seek out dual diagnosis treatment which combines mental health and addiction treatment programs, for example, a depression treatment programs with intensive outpatient program

When Others Say You Don’t Need Treatment

Knowing that you need an Oregon addiction treatment center is the first step to a healthy recovery. But what do you do when others claim you’re fine and you don’t need addiction rehab programs? Always know that addiction can manifest in different ways and can have a substantial impact on your life, fellow addicts will turn you away from treatment but it is always best to follow the path of recovery for that is the best way to capture a life worth living.

Ask yourself first, is this person also using drugs or alcohol? When your friend who objects to your treatment also abuses drugs or alcohol, they lose a partner in abuse if you get clean. Often, these people won’t admit you need help because then they must face their own problems. This can even

Next, ask yourself if you’ve spent a great deal of time hiding your substance abuse from this person. They might not be aware of the problem’s magnitude.

If your loved one or friend doesn’t suffer from addiction, they might not understand how addiction controls your life. This makes many people assume addiction is something you can simply get over. However, just because they can’t relate to your issue doesn’t mean your problem is illegitimate or doesn’t require help.

Affordable Treatment at Bend Oregon Treatment Center

If you’re looking for affordable drug and alcohol addiction treatment in Bend, nearby Portland  our Rehab center awaits your company. Sunstone Recovery provides 12-step based treatment programs designed to suit your individual needs. The additional programs at Sunstone Recovery Center include:

Men’s rehab center programs

Woman’s Rehab Center Programs

Intensive outpatient treatment

Addiction Therapy Programs

Mood disorder treatment programs

Stop letting addiction control who you are. Call Sunstone Recovery Center Today!

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