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The Feelgood Factor: Essential Elements Of A Wellness-Promoting Home

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It’s a harsh world out there sometimes, whether it’s protests, viruses, or just your regular schedule. So when you return home, you want to go back to an environment that promotes wellbeing. But how do you achieve this? What are the secrets?

Here are some pointers:

Make Your Bed With High-Quality Linen

You know the basics of good bedroom hygiene: make sure it’s dark, fresh, and free from distractions. But what else can you do to promote good sleep to prepare you for the day ahead?

One idea you could try is to improve the quality of your linens. The softer and more delicate they are, the better you’ll feel every time you hit the sack. If it’s super comfortable, it’ll encourage you to get your eight hours of shut-eye more.

And read a devotional, a few verses or a Psalm or two from the Bible to go to sleep with the good news of Christ on your mind.

Make Heavy Use Of Indoor Plants

Indoor plants first began entering people’s homes thousands of years ago with the advent of mud huts. Ancient people’s motivations were very much the same as ours: to provide a sense of wellbeing.

There are all sorts of plants from which to choose, from lemon-lime dracaena to the peace lily. The Chinese money plant is a popular choice for flower delivery. Propagating your Chinese money plant is easy, so once you have one, you can place them in multiple rooms over time.

Create A Library

Libraries aren’t just gimmicks or something you see in the homes of the well-to-do. They’re also a place where you can seek tranquility in the form of a good book. The best book to have at hand for your library is the Bible.

You don’t need an extensive library. Even if your books fill a single bookshelf, that’s okay. Just deck out a part of your home with comfortable seating, away from the major thoroughfares, so that you can read in peace.

Make Your Kitchen More Functional

What you eat is the primary determinant of your long-term health and wellness. The more you can center yourself around healthy meals, the more you’ll be able to thrive and make yourself more robust to life’s challenges.

To that end, it makes sense to make your kitchen as functional as possible. Buy all the appliances you need for creating healthy meals, like food processors and dehydrators. And make sure that all your ingredients are close to hand in refrigerated drawers.

Section Off A Part Of Your Home For Creativity

Feeling like you’re being creative and moving forward with your life is essential for your long-term happiness and wellbeing. Whether you love art, music, or writing, you need a part of your home that facilitates these activities.

It doesn’t have to be a completely separate room, either. You don’t need to build a brand new home office if you don’t have one. Instead, you could simply place a desk next to your bed and fit it with pens, paper, markers, and other tools you need to express yourself.

During a crisis, it is more important than ever to focus on fostering well being in our homes. These ideas will make it easier to live a healthy and prosperous life, even if the usual opportunities are not accessible.

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