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The Difference between Dental Implants and Dentures

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You should never be embarrassed about a missing tooth. Statistics from the American College of Prosthodontists indicate that you are just one in 120 million other Americans with such a predicament. Those who experience total teeth loss, a condition which highly accelerates during old age, amount to about 36 million. You have definitely pondered about the best teeth replacement option. Dentures have been immensely popular for the past decades. However, recent research and development have led to the perfection of dental implants which are now a standard option. You might be confused about what to choose between dental implants vs dentures. The following information can help to clear your doubts.

Dental Implants vs Dentures

If you finally want to get rid of the embarrassment that comes with the gap between your teeth when you smile, then you might be considering some replacement options. At times, you might avoid smiling completely when you have zero teeth, which is another reason why you may consider dental implants in Rogers AR.


Dentures vs dental implants are the most common types of teeth replacement as a result of their usage in numerous past decades. They are mostly called false teeth as they are prosthetic devices that resemble and are fixed between normal teeth. They get support from the oral cavity’s soft and hard tissues.


  • Help with both chewing and pronunciation
  • Help to enhance beauty by providing cheek and lip support
  • Rectify the collapsed outlook of lost teeth
  • Enhance self-esteem due to improved speech and oral beauty


  • Must remove from time to time especially when sleeping leading to a sunken look
  • Can cause a reduced taste capability
  • With decreased muscle control, it becomes difficult to hold them intact
  • Difficulties to adapt to their use especially amongst the elderly

Dental Implants 

They have become more selectable since their recent invention because they fix onto your jaw. The fixed part is made of titanium and it resembles a tooth root. The implants heal over time and integrate into the jaw bone, preventing loss of bone and a sunken look. They have a success rate of 98 percent and last even longer that your natural teeth. The implants function as anchors for bridges, crowns and even dentures.


  • Permanent and more predictable
  • Lead to taste preservation
  • Do not cover entire gums
  • They never move or slip and as such resemble natural teeth

The disadvantage is that it can be expensive to install as compared to dentures

What’s the Better Option?

The above information proves that dental implants are a better option for teeth replacement. Even though you may have to incur a huge cost for their installation, when you factor in the maintenance costs associated with dentures, the investment is worth it. They offer you a far much better alternative because your jawbones remain intact and your face retains a younger beautiful look.

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