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The best tech for car drivers

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Whether you love it or hate it, for most of us, driving is essential. Imagine trying to navigate through your life without your car – would you be able to get to work? Take the kids to school? Go to the store? Go out for fun? Would you be able to have a life?

For many, the answers to all these questions are no, which is why it’s important to make driving as fun, stress-free, and safe as possible. Read on for some of the very best pieces of tech that all drivers can make use of; you might not realize what technology is out there, and some of it could change the way you drive – in a positive way – forever.

Night Vision System

Even drivers who are extremely confident behind the wheel during the day can start to struggle at night when their vision is limited and the lights from other cars are dazzling. They can lose their confidence and even stop going out during the winter months because they just don’t enjoy driving in the dark.

The answer is to install a night vision system. These systems will give you a view of the road ahead that is light and bright and, if not exactly like daytime, certainly close to it. You simply sit the system on the dashboard, and everything is made much clearer. You can even choose whether to have both front and back-facing or just one direction.

Wireless Car Charger

A wireless car charger is an ideal way to boost the battery on your smartphone or tablet, ensuring that no matter how much of a hurry you are in when you leave the house, you can arrive at your destination with a full battery. Being able to charge on the go without a lot of cables draping all over the cockpit of your car, potentially causing a safety hazard, is a fantastic new idea, and it’s something that can undoubtedly be useful to most drivers.

Look for a wireless car charger that doubles as a smartphone holder. You can then charge your phone, have hands-free phone capabilities, and use the satellite navigation settings too.

Telematics System

Not everyone will want to install a piece of equipment in their vehicles that relays information about the way they drive to their insurers, and that’s entirely your choice; telematics systems are not mandatory. However, they can be beneficial, and the most significant benefit is that they will save you money.

When you have a telematics system in your car, you will take a lot more care when you’re driving, sticking to the speed limits, and driving with more attention. So that’s a good thing. But on top of this, when your insurers see the evidence that you are a careful driver, your monthly premiums should reduce. This could even be the case if you have an SR22 insurance policy, although it’s best to check the details of your specific policy before buying a telematics system just in case your insurer won’t accept the information it provides.

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