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The Benefits of Advertising On Facebook

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There are over 2.41 billion active monthly users on Facebook as of June 2019. That is a huge bunch of people that you could have the potential to market your goods or services to.

In this day and age, Facebook is the key to get your latest ad campaign seen by the most amount of people. There are so many benefits of facebook advertising that you would be sorry if you did not take advantage of it.

There are five new profiles created on Facebook every single second. That gives you so many possibilities for your ad to be seen by the right person.

Keep reading to learn why it is essential and beneficial for you to host your latest ad campaign on Facebook.

Your Audience Will See Your Ad

You’ve probably read lots of advice saying to find who your audience is and market specifically to them. As you can already tell there are billions of people on facebook almost every single day, regardless of what your product is, your audience will see it. Facebook is the largest way to advertise besides potential customers just using the search function.

Facebook also have specific functions to guide you towards your audience which will we discuss later. Overall, the statistics are proof that facebook has your audience on it. It just takes the right person to see your ad for you to get the business you deserve.

Targeting Capabilities

Facebook employees nearly 40,000 people as of June 2019. This means people are constantly working on new features to make Facebook the best it can be. One great feature of Facebook marketing is the targeting capabilities it has created.

You can target nearly any Facebook user and this is important once you’ve found your audience when it comes to your product. You can use people’s behavior, interests, demographics, connections, age ranges, and even location to target your specific audience.

There are many different ways you can target your audience on Facebook. Facebook has the ability to know the buying patterns of its users and then suggest ads that are geared towards their buying patterns.

Ads Are Easy to Create and Cost-Effective

One big reason you may not be making a Facebook ad right now is that you think it might be difficult. But actually, Facebook ads are very easy to create. There are many functions to help you create the move efficient ad to display on Facebook.

It also isn’t as expensive as you might think to run an ad on Facebook they actually tend to cost about a fraction of what other online marketing channels would cost. You can also set a budget when it comes to Facebook ads so you don’t pay more than you think you can handle.

By spending one dollar a day you are able to reach about 4,000 people with your marketing campaign. That’s only thirty dollars a month which is super affordable for any business. You will also notice that Facebook ads yield results and that thirty dollars a month won’t seem so high based on the profit you will be receiving.

Mobile Traffic

With Facebooks ads, you can also reach many mobile users. Mobile traffic is important people as you may have noticed people have their phones on them 24/7. Whenever people take a break from something they usually take a glance at their phones and this is a great way for them to see your advertisement.

Millions of people look at the Facebook app on their phones at least once a day. This is a great time for them to see your latest ad campaign.

Facebook advertising support is also great and can help you with many functions involving anything ad-related. You’ve seen so far that there are many different features and Facebook would love to help you with any and all of them.

Make the Sale with Facebook Ads

Another one of Facebook’s amazing features is remarketing. This is the best way to get a potential client to go through with your product and purchase it. Remarketing your adsmeans that they follow a potential customer around while they navigate the web.

This tool will show your ad to potential customers who have viewed and interacted with it previously. With remarketing ads, your customers may be more enticed to use your products or services because they will see them again and again.

More Brand Awareness

Overall, an advertisement campaign on Facebooks makes it that potential customers are more familiar with your brand. They may start to see it everywhere and become aware that your brand is important.

There is a great way to get more clients because the more familiar they are with your brand, then the more comfortable they will be making purchases with you. Repeating Facebook ads are also a great way to build trust with your future clients.

Find More Clients Easier

Once you’ve found your audience on Facebook you can use this to your benefit. Facebook has an ad feature called “lookalike audience.” This basically clones your existing audience making your advertisement available to more people who will more than likely also be interested in your business.

Having your ad reach more people who have similar interests will definitely help to increase revenue for you and your business. Using Facebook’s existing tools makes advertising online easier and helps your business thrive.

Many Benefits of Facebook Advertising

Facebook is currently the number one form of social media for 68% of adults so posting your marketing campaign on Facebook should be a no brainer. You want to be able to reach as many people as you can and with Facebook that is possible.

The benefits of Facebook advertising are abundant and Facebook makes it easy for you to find your audience and reach even more people who would be interested in your products or services. The cost of running a facebook campaign will even out in the end and make you a happy business owner.

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