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5 things to consider when engaging a mobile security service

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Did you know that retail crime costs Australian businesses $9 billion each year? Security cameras act as a deterrent and sometimes help in the apprehension of thieves, but they are not a solution to stopping theft. Static guards can be effective at an entrance or exit, but criminals often study the business and environment before they choose to act. This allows them to devise ways to avoid these static security elements.

As theft and other criminal activities are likely to pose a threat to your business, you should consider all the available options. Mobile security patrols provide businesses with a physical security presence that is effective at preventing theft. Mobile security can cover larger areas of your premises and prevent potential thieves from being able to seize any opportunities.

Here are 5 things to consider before hiring a mobile security service.

Activity Monitoring

What level of security activity do you need and what level does your chosen provider offer? Do you need security during business hours or just after hours and how often do you want security patrols day and night? Ideally, you will want a security provider that has active monitoring in place. For after-hours security, you should have an alarm system that is directly connected to a control centre as well as regular patrols from uniformed security guards. This combination provides an active monitoring security solution that gives comprehensive 24/7 surveillance.

Clearly Marked Uniforms and Patrol Cars

Security needs to be seen to be effective. The purpose of security is not to just catch perpetrators but to deter them from committing the crime in the first place. Security officers should have properly labelled uniforms to clearly distinguish them from customers and staff. Their uniforms should be marked with the security company name, and not just plain uniforms.

Marked security patrol cars can also act as a significant deterrent and so they should be clearly marked. Those wishing to engage in criminal activity against your business are less likely to do so if they think they will get caught. Regular security patrols in a marked car increase the chances they will get caught and therefore deter the crime from occurring.

Comprehensive Staff Training

There is no question that staff are more effective when they are properly trained. This is true for every industry but even more so for security patrols. Security personnel are very likely to find themselves in challenging situations against people who have criminal intent. It is therefore critical that patrols are provided with the appropriate training for their job. This requires that they receive proper security training before starting their job but also ongoing and refresher training. Well-trained security patrols will be more effective as a deterrent and even more effective at engaging with and preventing criminals from the act.

Customer Service

When considering which mobile security service to engage, you want to go with a provider that respects you and your business and gives you the same level of customer service that you give your customers. A security provider should provide your business with helpful, friendly and prompt service, but most importantly they should give you a sense of trust that they will protect your business.

Licenses and Legislation Compliance

Finally, but probably most importantly, you need to verify that your mobile security provider, the company and its staff are all properly licensed. Security Guards are not police officers but they do need to follow the law when providing their services. There are no shortcuts, and you need to ensure your provider complies with all legislative requirements.

Choosing a security provider that is not properly licensed could leave your business exposed to legal liabilities down the track.

Are You Looking for a Mobile Security Service You Can Trust?

Mobile security services are visible and therefore a great deterrent but also present and available making them even better at catching criminals in the act. Hiring a mobile security service is therefore one of the easiest ways to improve security at your business premises or event.

So, if you are looking for a security service that you can trust to protect your premises, property, customers, and employees, we can help.

Our security personnel are trained to the highest standards so they can handle even the most complex situations.

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