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Teleoperations: Let’s Imagine The Future

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Imagine being able to deliver a package or perform surgery from the other side of the world. It sounds crazy, but the use of teleoperations makes those and other tasks possible. Soon, you may not need to see a doctor in the same state. And you may be able to maintain your ride share side job without getting on the road.

Current State of Teleoperations

The current state of telerobotics is growing quickly. Recently there has been a need to switch to a more remote work system, which has also demonstrated a need for remote controlled vehicles to make deliveries or complete other imminent tasks.

Teleoperation relies on the right technology, and that is becoming more accessible. Many companies have already begun using teleoperate robots to complete certain steps in places like warehouses.

The use of telerobotics can make a massive difference in productivity. The world has witnessed tele-operated public buses being implemented in Europe. Before you take a look at the future of teleoperations, consider one way in which it’s been happening for a while and then imagine how ubiquitous the future looks like.

Robots in Warehouses

In recent years, Amazon has transformed the environment in its warehouses. The company has over 200,000 robots that they use to sort and move items.

Amazon’s robots help maintain fast delivery times, and they can keep Amazon employees from walking long distances. Then, the employees can focus on their area rather than walking to the other side of the warehouse with a package. While the use of telerobotics may have a negative effect on warehouse jobs, it also empowers more innovation to simplify our everyday lives. After all, the robots do need maintenance.

And if companies want to use robots for increasingly more difficult tasks, people may be able to work from home to control the technology.

Future of Teleoperations

Teleoperations is constantly growing, and it’s expected to continue to grow. As autonomous vehicles start to hit the roads, there will be a desire for remotely controlled cars.

Some vehicles may be able to complete a drive, but others will need some human control. Other telerobotics, like a delivery robot, will also need a person to control it from a distance. So while increasing teleoperations may feel like a threat to some jobs, it may not completely eliminate positions. Instead, people who used to work as drivers or in warehouses may be able to work from a remote location. The future of teleoperations won’t eradicate jobs, it will innovate the way we work and change the paradigm to empower a global workforce.

It will be interesting to see how telerobotics develops, but the future is bright for this growing industry. Consider a few possibilities that are already happening, and are going to grow in visibility in the near future.

Delivery Robots

Delivery has become a common way to receive clothing, food, and more. You can order a package from Amazon or a meal from a local restaurant.

And if you don’t want to go to the grocery store, you can also order those for delivery. But delivery drivers may not be able to meet the increased demand for delivery services.

In cases like these, companies can use autonomous robots to make the deliveries. People can work from home or an office to operate the robot to ensure it does everything correctly.

Individuals can still work, but they won’t have to be the ones getting out and making deliveries. By controlling a robot, they can still fulfill customer needs.

Companies like Postmates have the technology to control robots from miles away. Doing this also takes away any physical restrictions on hiring people to work.

Remote & Self-Driving Cars

Along with delivery robots, self-driving cars are going to change how people and items travel. But this technology can apply to other industries, like taxis and ride-sharing. Without autonomous vehicles, people have to be available to work and give people rides when they need it.

If Uber and Lyft start to use self-driving cars, their drivers can work from afar. They can still pick up passengers and get people to their destination by being remote drivers. Drivers can use teleoperations to control the vehicle from home, or any location. They’ll still be able to work and make money, but they won’t have to be on the road during their shift.

Telerobotics in Medicine

Another fantastic way that teleoperations can change the future is with medical telerobotics. In the past, patients almost always had to visit a doctor in person for a proper check-up.

But with remotely controlled robots, physicians can perform certain procedures and services in any location.

Robots have been used to help with surgeries for decades, but now, robots could do more. A surgeon may be able to control a robot to perform the right steps for a surgery. While robots will need to be in the location with the patient, it can be easier to send robots than doctors. The technology will make it easier for more people to receive the care they need since they won’t have to travel to a hospital.

Whether people are home-bound or live in a small town, they can still work with a doctor. As the technology develops, the number of possible services will continue to grow.

Other Remotely Controlled Actions

As the world of teleoperations continues to grow, more people will be able to use the technology. It may benefit delivery, shipping and medical personnel the most.

But we may see teleoperations being used in other industries to improve efficiency. People will be able to work from wherever, which can be useful for everyone from parents to college students. The options for teleoperations are limitless, and it will be interesting to see how companies choose to implement the technology.

It may mean more remote jobs, and it could help warehouses and other offices perform various mundane tasks.

Looking Ahead

Whether you’re tired of making the commute to work or you need to stay home, you should know about teleoperations. The field makes it possible to work remotely while still accomplishing tasks that you normally do in person. The innovation is being implemented in different parts of the world. It’s only a matter of time before you see that remote driven vehicle in your neighborhood, or at your local airport.

By using remotely controlled robots and autonomous vehicles, many industries will start to see the effects of telerobotics.

Do you want to start using remote operated equipment, or vehicles for your business? Contact us to see how we can help.

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