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Sporting Equipment Donations and Ways to Recycle Sports Equipment

Maybe you bought a few sporting equipment pieces as a New Year’s resolution but never got into the swing of things. Maybe you’ve collected tons of equipment over the years for various workouts but now only use certain pieces. Maybe it’s just time to do away with the old and bring in the new. 

Whatever the case might be, you have some sporting equipment donations, but you’re not sure what to do with them. Who can you bring them to? Who will want this equipment?

Will someone pay for the items? These might be a few questions that you’re currently asking yourself. If you’re not sure what to do with your used sporting equipment, then you’ll want to continue reading below. 

Here’s our guide on different ways to recycle your sporting equipment! 

Sports Equipment Consignment

Check around your neighborhood for local consignment shops that take sports equipment. You can always drop off your old equipment at the thrift stores, but not all consignment shops accept sports equipment. 

Consignment shops generally have a niche of some sort. There are ones that take kids’ clothing and toys, others for adult clothing, and some for sports equipment! 

Do a bit of research to see if there’s one in your neighborhood. If there is, you’re in luck! These stores will pay you money or give you a store credit if they want your used items. 

Make Sales Online

Another way to recycle your used equipment is to sell it online. There’s a variety of ways to sell items online no matter what it is you’re selling. Take advantage of all of these platforms by posting your items across the board.

You can make an account on website sites, on apps, or use your Facebook account to access the marketplace. Other people in your general location will see when you post the items and can buy the equipment from you online. 

It’s like an online yard sale. Just be sure to know what the signs of scammers are and never give out your personal information.

Give to Someone in Need

Selling your used equipment is wonderful because you get to make a dollar or two back. Giving your used equipment to someone comes with benefits as well. When you give someone your old equipment without an exchange for money, it gives you a good feeling inside. 

You can go about your day knowing that you just made someone else’s day. Not everyone can afford certain sports equipment, but that doesn’t mean they wouldn’t use it if given to them. Ask friends, family members, and co-workers if anyone is in need of your equipment. 

Turn Equipment Into Something Else

You might be able to benefit from your old equipment as well, however. It’s time to get creative and think of ways to use your old equipment as something else. Do a bit of research online and discover different ways to take your old sports equipment and turn it into something else.

For example, did you know that there are other uses for old wetsuit material? You can turn your old wetsuit into a yoga mat, a water bottle insulator, and so much more! If you’re not crafty yourself, look into what companies you can donate to that’ll then recycle the material into items like these. 

Pass Equipment Down to Children

If your equipment is in good condition, but you don’t have use for it anymore, then consider passing it down to your children. Children might surprise you in how willing they are to use the equipment either for its actual function or for a more imaginative approach. 

If the equipment is high-quality, then you can even consider setting it aside until your children are older. They then might want to make use of it throughout their high school and college years.

Donate to Organizations in Need

There are plenty of organizations that could get a lot of use out of your old equipment as well. Think about any non-profits in your area. Some of these organizations might keep the equipment to use there and others might take it to then donate to families in need. 

Either way, your old equipment is going to someone in need. Visit a non-profit in your area and ask if they’d be interested. If they’re not, don’t get down. 

Ask them if they have any other suggestions for who might need it. Chances are, that the organization knows of another non-profit that might accept it. 

Give to a Local School 

Middle schools and high schools in your neighborhood might also be a good choice if you want to donate. Depending on what type of equipment you want to get rid of, local schools might be willing to take them off your hands. 

Many schools have weight rooms and gyms that can benefit from sports equipment donations. Contact the school via telephone and ask them if they’d be interested in the items before making your way up there. 

Who’ll Take Your Sporting Equipment Donations?

If you weren’t sure who would take your sporting equipment donations, we hope you now have a better idea of where to start. Go through this list above and start making a few phone calls. Decide on what you think the best option for yourself is and then enjoy recycling your old equipment!

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