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Enhanced Informatrix is Revolutionizing Medical Care with Cloud Data Services

Enhanced Informatrix, Inc. is revolutionizing how patients receive medical care through innovative cloud data services that allow Healthcare providers to deliver more personalized care. The EI Cloud is a solution for secure storage, integration, and management of patients’ healthcare information. This allows Doctors, Hospitals, and other Healthcare providers to quickly access patient information in real-time, improving care quality and patient satisfaction.


Reseda, California, August 27th, 2022 Enhanced Informatrix, Inc. (EI) is in the end stage of design of its forefront software, Digital Healthcare on Cloud. It transforms how patients receive medical care through its innovative cloud data services. The company’s cloud-based patient health records facilitate faster access to critical information during routine doctor’s visits and in the event of an unexpected medical emergency. Enhanced Informatrix uses Cloud storage to allow professionals instant access to patient data, improving Healthcare and safeguarding patient privacy for medical institutions worldwide.

“Our products are designed to simplify the information exchange between health care providers, hospitals, clinics, and other vendors and their patients or customers,” says Assadour Derderian, the CEO of Enhanced Infomatrix. “We believe the use of our technology will enhance the ability of all parties to communicate with each other more effectively, thereby improving patient satisfaction.”

Enhanced Informatrix’s Software as a Service platform provides Digital Healthcare data for patients in the Cloud to be accessed instantly during routine doctor visits or in case of an emergency. The company’s cloud services will help patients save money, maintain their privacy, and receive better care thanks to increased teamwork and communication.

Enhanced Patient electronic medical records (EMRs) can be stored using Infomatrix’s services in a way that aligns with the strict privacy and security standards set forth by law. Using the Cloud, patients have access to a secure data storage solution. Additionally, as the patient travels from one healthcare facility to another, the caregivers there will gain firsthand knowledge about the patient’s encounters with other doctors.

The Enhanced Infomatrix platform allows doctors and hospitals to scan and upload patient records to a central server from any computer with access to the internet. In addition, with the EI’s Cloud, scientists in the medical field can take advantage of hitherto unavailable computational capacity and amass vast data sets. On top of that, the Enhanced Infomatrix application enables communication among medical professionals, allowing doctors to analyze colleagues’ encounters with patients and consider the patient’s previous visits with other doctors. These cloud data services will help streamline collaborative patient care in the US and worldwide.

“Our technology will help millions of doctors, nurses, and other healthcare practitioners offer high-quality medical care faster,” says Assadour Derderian, the CEO of Enhanced Infomatrix. “Our application is easy and simple to navigate; it will help patients access high-quality medical care whenever and wherever it is needed.”

About Enhanced Infomatrix

Enhanced Infomatrix, Inc. is a cloud data services provider based in California. Enhanced Informatrix, Inc. is reshaping the medical care system for people everywhere using cutting-edge cloud data services. We accomplish this by storing medical records on the Cloud, where they are accessed quickly in an emergency or routine checkup. To that end, we plan to use cloud data to make critical healthcare data instantly accessible to doctors, uphold strict norms respecting patient privacy, and offer subscription services to healthcare facilities worldwide.

Contact Information:

Name: Assadour Derderian, CEO
Organization: Enhanced Infomatrix, Inc.
Address: 6838 Newcastle Ave, Reseda, CA 91335
Phone: 1(833) 807-3683 – (leave a message, we will reply ASAP)

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