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The average credit score in America is up to 680, according to a recent report. The importance of having a good credit score has increased over the years, partly due to an economic tightening of lending practices. With a good credit score, you’re either paying too much or denied access altogether to funding.

Those who don’t have the means to build their credit score by spending, leasing, and so forth are looking elsewhere for help. One popular method is using their cards to pay for reoccurring bills. Is this smart money or a desperate plan to build credit fast?

Let’s take a closer look at how you can use credit cards to pay bills.

Why Use Credit Cards to Pay Bills?

Whether you need to build credit now or are interested in the convenience, this list is for you. Remember, if you can’t pay your bills directly, there are services out there that act as a digital liaison. Plastiq and Tio are two popular alternatives.


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Auto Bill Pay

Paying bills on time is a struggle for everyone. Having to manually log in and pay is archaic and a huge time sink. Auto-payment is also smart for those who like to keep track of their expenses.

The pros for doing it with your credit card include maintaining a revolving credit usage on cards, increasing number of on-time payments, and subsequently age of active accounts.

Earn Rewards

Step one: sign up for the best reward cards. Step two: pay bills and rack up points. Step three: take that trip you always wanted and forget about bills for a week or two.

Monthly bills probably aren’t going to net you a ton of free cash, but with the right rewards card, you can definitely rack up enough points for a trip every couple of years.

Protect Critical Finances

If you lose your debit card that is attached to the account you pay bills on, this can really screw you up. Credit cards come with a number of great consumer protections that are incredibly valuable. Better fraud protection, travel insurance, rental coverages, and the list goes on.

Superior Financial Tools

Credit card companies are great at improving their in-app functionality and budgeting tools. Credit card companies know that an informed customer is a valuable customer. Having the ability to track all your spending on one card is a lot easier than dividing things between checking accounts and credit cards.


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One Card to Rule Them All

Our advice on why you should use credit cards to pay bills isn’t solely about consolidating. There are definitely conveniences that come with juggling fewer cards, but that shouldn’t be the only reason. We want everyone to practice smart spending habits and stay disciplined.

This strategy, like most credit card strategies, can only work with the right cards in hand. Pay attention to processing fees, as well as credit card interest rates. Treat your credit card like your debit card and you can avoid falling into trouble.

Take a look at our list of credit card reviews here before retiring that checking account for all your bills.

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