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Should I Hire a Marketing Agency?

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Everyone involved with marketing, sales, and business leadership is trying to get more customers. New customers are the lifeblood of every business. Without new customers things are going to get bad for everyone involved, especially the business owners.

But when it comes to getting new customers, how are you going about it? Do you have a marketing plan, consistent effort, and marketing strategy that are going to help you acquire new customers?

In many large companies this falls on two teams: the in-house marketing team and sales team. The marketing team brings the customers in, and sales team closes them. Unless your business is 100% outbound with inside and outside sales reps, marketing plays a major role in getting potential customers interested enough to talk to one of those sales people.

Marketing for small business can be a part-time effort or a full-time effort. Many small businesses do marketing on the side, dabbling when the person in charge of sales or the business owner (or worse the receptionist) has time to do it. This is not a winning formula. There is so much to do, so much to manage, and usually the fire drills of the day consume all of your time and leave no room for anything except emergency action. Planning is impossible, and usually the only marketing efforts that get completed is the easiest to complete. Keeping track to make sure that marketing is working and being done correctly is only a dream for D-I-Y marketers.

Other larger companies have a Marketing Manager responsible for a target new of new leads, and it doesn’t matter how those new leads show up. Getting your business found is a crucial driver here, and unless you have a plan to be where ever your customers are looking for your types of services, you’re going to be missing out on a lot of low hanging fruit.

And because there are so many different marketing activities that a business can engage in (digital, print, TV, radio, events, sponsorships, contents, publicity, out-of-home, point-of-sale, catalogs, direct mail (there’s really too many to mention) it’s too much to manage.

This is why you should hire a marketing agency (and this one in particular).

We specialize in digital marketing (but we do have experience and partnerships with agencies in other marketing areas), and this is because so much of our lives are spent online using the internet for so many things (namely finding information).

Google is now processing over 40,000 search queries per second globally. That’s a lot of people looking for a lot of answers, and that’s a lot of potential marketing to manage. Facebook has 2.26 billion active daily users. Google and Facebook combined receive nearly 60% of all internet marketing ad spend. Because this is what we do and our goal is to keep every client forever (not just close your business and chase the next deal), Lift Digital Marketing is the right marketing partner for your company.

Getting our clients found where ever people are looking for them is what we do. We’re experts (a claim we don’t take lightly). Decades of experience, specialization, and experience go into this claim. Having worked with hundreds of clients over the course of our careers has taught us a few things:

  1. We know what we’re doing
  2. We have the ability to strategize, plan, and execute at a high level because of our expertise
  3. We already have a pretty good idea of what works and don’t need to learn hard lessons
  4. Clients ALWAYS get a better return on their marketing investment when using an agency
  5. You have a team of people using a ton of technology to create, manage, and optimize your marketing campaign
  6. You don’t have to hire someone internally to do it all (but we do work very closely with any and all marketing people inside your company). We become your marketing department
  7. Do you really have enough marketing work to keep someone busy full time? If not then don’t pay someone full time when you can have a team of experts working for you.

Of course, we’re biased but there are tons of other reasons and benefits to hiring an agency (especially ours).

  • Sales are flat and you can’t get things going
  • You can’t get any effective marketing done
  • You can’t catch up to your competitors
  • If you hate doing marketing, then don’t do it
  • If you don’t know what you’re doing, hire someone who does (not one here is an electrician, so we hire the pros so that we don’t break something important like ourselves)
  •  If the sales people are complaining about “all of these leads are bad” we can fix that
  • If you don’t know what marketing is working, we can tell you and do more of what is working (and stop doing what isn’t working)
  • If your marketing is delivering inconsistent results, we can fix that
  • If you don’t know what you don’t know about marketing, we can tell you and do it for you

And best of all, it’s our mission to help you grow your business so that you can support your employees and community. We’re all about building long-term partnerships so that everyone wins. It’s in our DNA.

So, this is why you should hire a marketing agency, and this is why you should hire Lift Digital.

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