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“Should I Buy A New Or Used Car?” Common Myths And Facts

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Ah, the golden question that opens up an age-old debate: “Should I buy a new or used car?”

What a heavy question, indeed.

The truth is, the answer to that question depends on the person asking it. There are amazing reasons to take either path toward buying a car, but that doesn’t mean they’re right for every individual.

Even though it’s circumstantial, and you may already have a good idea of which one is right for you, it’s smart to research the myths behind both options and weigh out which one makes the most sense.

To help you with that research, here is a list of the common myths and facts associated with buying a new or used vehicle.

Buy a New or Used Car: Myths and Facts

Don’t let myths mislead you one way or another. Here are a few common myths listed with facts and a “verdict” on the myth’s legitimacy.

Myth: Dealers Are Trying to Sell Me a Car I Can’t Pay For

Verdict: Not True

This is a common stereotype for car salesmen when buying a new or used car; people believe them to be sharks on the prowl for gullible souls to feed on.

However, using a bit of common sales knowledge can debunk this myth pretty easily.

Think about it. Like any other sales position, a car salesman is looking to give quality customer service and match each client with a car that fits all their needs.

That way, you leave the lot happy and hold onto the car for years and years, paying it off all the while as they’d planned.

If they tried to hustle you into a car you can’t afford, they’re sabotaging their own finances and reputation in doing so.

Car sales is a heavily referral-based business; they want you to leave happy so you’ll introduce them to your friends, family, or coworkers that may be looking for a car as well.

Myth: The Listed Price Is the Final Price

Verdict: Not True

Some car buyers are still under the impression that the car price listed on a dealer’s website (or on the lot itself) is the unwavering price of the car.

While this may be true for some “no-haggle” price reduced vehicles, there are a lot of factors in determining the final price from a dealership.

The buying experience in car dealerships, for the most part, typically leaves some room for negotiation.

There are other factors that come into play as well — such as your credit score and whether or not you are financing or paying cash.

Regardless, the listed price is generally a starting point for expected conversations that will take place before the sale is finalized.

Myth: There’s Always a Hidden Issue with the Car

Verdict: Not True

You always hear the horror stories of people that went out, bought their dream car, got an extremely good deal on the car, and then had the engine blow out within weeks of buying it.

Those freak incidents actually lead to two common myths about car purchasing:

1.     The price the dealership gave me is too good to be true.

2.     There’s got to be a hidden issue with the car.

The fact is, it’s become easier than ever to find the vehicle history on any car before purchasing, so there are almost no hidden surprises with car-buying anymore.

Typically, if something gives out in the car, there were signs in its past records that would indicate an upcoming problem on the vehicle itself.

Because of that, it’s vitally important to thoroughly research the history of any vehicle you’re interested in before purchasing.

Myth: You Can’t Trust the Dealer’s Car Inspection Process

Verdict: Not True

Again, this goes back to the internal fear that many car-buyers have of signing the dotted line for a car and the vehicle catching on fire as soon as you drive it off the lot.

As previously mentioned, car salesmen — and the dealerships themselves — rely heavily on providing great customer service and selling top-notch vehicles off their lots.

Word gets back pretty quickly if a dealership is selling problematic cars to their customers, so dealers avoid that by installing a strict inspection process on any car they purchase.

If you’re still wanting to dive a bit more into researching certain dealerships, then feel free to check dealer reviews to help paint a clearer picture.

Myth: Used Cars Have Less Value

Verdict: Not True

Everyone likes to flock to the new and shiny car, right?

However, there are many reasons why buying a used car has just as much value as purchasing a new car.

The reliability of the used car is entirely up to the integrity of the dealership that you’re looking at. Used cars that are being resold by a dealership have proven they are trustworthy and reliable on the road.

Find the Car of Your Dreams!

Whether you decide to buy a new or used car, hopefully debunking these myths has cleared your head and given you some helpful information along the way.

Be sure to check out our payment estimator to get a better understanding of the price window that best suits your budget.

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