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Seven New Year’s Tips For Your Dog

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How to Ensure your dog lives their best life in 2022


As the New Year approaches, most of us are busy making resolutions to ensure 2022 is a great year. If you have pets, this is also a great time to make some changes on their behalf. Here are a few things every dog owner should do for their bestie as the New Year rolls around.

Make Sure Your Dog is Chipped

Nothing else is as likely to bring your missing pet back to you as a microchip. Have your vet implant the microchip, then be sure to register it with your information. Even if your dog wears tags on his collar, these can fall off or get removed. A chip is always there, and it’s easy for any veterinarian or shelter to scan a chip to get detailed information about you and your pet. A chip and a set of collar tags give your dog double the protection.

Update Contact Information

Check to make sure all information is current, whether it’s on a chip or on your dog’s tag. It’s easy to forget to update the information on a chip (out of sight, out of mind, right?). Still, if the information on a chip doesn’t match the information on an ID tag, it leads to confusion. If you’ve moved, changed your phone number, or changed your name (married, perhaps?), log on to the microchip website and ensure the information is current.

Schedule a Wellness Appointment at the Vet

Veterinarians are lifesavers when our dogs are sick or injured, but routine care is also essential. Be sure you schedule a yearly wellness check in the New Year. This gives your veterinarian a baseline for what your pet should look and feel like throughout the year. It also helps your vet catch any potential problems early, before they become major health concerns. While at the vet’s office, be sure to arrange for any needed vaccines for your bestie.

Improve Your Dog’s Exercise Routine

We all love to curl up on the couch with our pet and snuggle, but it can be too much of a good thing. Even if it’s cold and snowy outside, commit to more exercise for you and your dog. Pets love playing outside all year round, so bundle up and get out there! It’s easy to vary your walk, take a quick trip to a nearby park, or just play in the yard. Fresh air and exercise are good for you and your dog. A Pupups waterproof collar and leash are the perfect accessories to keep your dog safe and secure while outside!


Replace Worn Gear

If your dog’s collar and leash have seen better days, go upscale. Invest in a new dog collar and leash that are as functional as they are beautiful. At Pupups, waterproof doesn’t mean plain or ugly. We offer a complete line of beautiful, easy-care pet accessories featuring unique, original designs like our blue dog collar in the Starry Mountains pattern.


Invest in Canine Dental Health

More than 80% of dogs will develop dental disease by age three. That’s pretty alarming, but you can resolve to improve our dog’s dental health this year. Without proper care, your canine companion could end up with plaque, bad breath, swollen gums, pain, and even loss of his teeth. If your dog’s teeth have significant plaque build-up, you may need to have them professionally cleaned by your veterinarian. Once your dog’s teeth are clean, establish a daily care routine, including brushing his teeth. There are also rinses that can be added to your pup’s drinking water to keep his teeth clean.

Consider Pet Insurance

If your pet is on the younger side, buy pet health insurance for him. Most pet health insurance plans aren’t options if your dog is seven years old or older. In this case, set up a separate savings account and contribute the equivalent of a monthly premium each month to start an emergency fund for your pet. Canine cancer, pancreatitis, accidents, allergies, ear infections, and many other problems can quickly cost you hundreds or even thousands of dollars. Pet health insurance covers most of these expenses in an emergency. You don’t want to have to choose between your pet’s health and being able to pay your bills, so the small monthly premium of pet health insurance is worth the investment. This year, I invested in Lemonade dog insurance for my pups and have been extremely happy with how fair it is priced, and how well they take care of my claims. They even have a chat advice line that I’ve used a lot this year with the puppies. I really recommend them and love that they help pay for vaccines!

Following these simple suggestions can create a fabulous New Year for you and your best friend!

Happy New Year from Pupups!

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