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ServiceTree AUTO Ticket Dispatching Is Now Available in the Connectwise Marketplace

ServiceTree AUTO is an extension for ConnectWise Manage designed to improve the ticketing workflow through the use of automated dispatching and our patented OpenNext technology.


Hollywood, FL, April 25, 2022 — ServiceTree AUTO is a ConnectWise Manage extension designed to optimize the experience for ConnectWise users by improving ticketing workflow. Through automated ticket dispatching, ServiceTree makes the experience for techs, customers, and MSP owners more streamlined and enjoyable. When utilizing ServiceTree’s patented technology, all techs have to do is hit the OpenNext button and follow the question tree process until the ticket is resolved. The auto dispatching extension is now available in the ConnectWise Marketplace.

ServiceTree’s automated dispatching technology allows for the entire ConnectWise ticketing system to be managed without paperwork or manual ticket selection, allowing MSPs to deliver much higher (and more consistent) service levels at less cost than traditional systems or standalone PSA software. ServiceTree Auto plugs in seamlessly to the ConnectWise interface and the initial setup only takes a matter of minutes, with the option to customize the extension until your heart’s content!


Here is how does ServiceTree determine which ticket to open next:

  1. Scheduled Tickets – ServiceTree’s algorithm first dispatches all previously assigned tickets (i.e. tickets that have already been assigned to you with a specific date and time).
  2. New Tickets/Untriaged Tickets – If you have the ServiceTree “dispatcher mode” on, the following type of ticket distributed is new, untouched tickets. This allows MSPs to quickly review and analyze a ticket to determine if they need anything else from the customer.
  3. Due Date – The third level of dispatching is based on Due Date, which means these tickets are assigned to techs based on a due date which is set by the ServiceTree algorithm when a ticket is moved from an untriaged stage to any stage that is considered triaged. Due dates are also set by the priority level of the ticket.
  4. If a tech has reviewed a ticket but not completed it, the ticket will be dispatched to the tech again within 8 business hours.
  5. If a tech has reviewed a ticket and determined that something is still needed from the customer, they will be reassigned those tickets within 8 business hours.


Dispatching tickets in ConnectWise could not be simpler; simply login to the PSA, press OpenNext, and the next highest priority ticket will be at your fingertips.

To find out more about ServiceTree Auto’s top-tier ConnectWise extension, visit Better yet, get a 30-day free trial and experience ServiceTree for yourself!

Contact Info:

Name: Paul Azad
Organization: ServiceTree Auto
Address: 2719 Hollywood Blvd. Hollywood, FL 33020
Phone: 844 777 1221

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