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Seattle Pet Owners Rejoice As Premier Scoop Troop Dog Waste Removal Services Lands in the City

Scoop Troop, a premier pet waste removal company, now offers residential pooper scooper services to Seattle pet owners with weekly and bi-weekly subscriptions. Customers can sign up through the company’s website, which offers customizable subscription options and a customer portal to manage services and payments. Find out more about Scoop Troop here:


Spokane Valley, WA, March 3rd, 2023— Dog owners in Seattle, WA, will no longer have to complete their least favorite chore: picking up dog poop. Why? Because the premier poop-picking-up service Scoop Troop is coming to Seattle, WA.

Scoop Troop provides Seattle pet parents weekly and bi-weekly dog waste removal subscriptions. These are designed to make keeping a yard clear of their precious pet’s most offensive “offerings” as simple as possible.

To sign up, Seattle residents must visit the Scoop Troop website and start an instant quote. Then, a team member will schedule an initial visit to walk the homeowner through the unique Scoop Troop process. If the client is satisfied, Scoop Troop will set up their customer portal—where the client can manage their services and choose a preferred payment method.

Scoop Troop representative William Milliken says, “After seeing success in Spokane and North Idaho, we couldn’t be more excited to be launching Seattle pooper scooper services. With our easy-to-use website and customizable subscription options, keeping a clean yard has never been easier. We hope that Seattle homeowners can spend more time enjoying their furry companions and less time cleaning up after them.”

Scoop Troop does not just take care of residential properties; they also scoop poop for businesses. They create custom plans for HOA presidents, property managers, and communities looking to keep their lawns and public areas free from pesky plops. They can work with Scoop Troop professionals to create a custom plan that includes installing and servicing pet waste stations, scooping common areas, servicing community trash cans, and more.

Homeowners and businesses can also combine pet poop pick-up with professional mowing services. Following customer feedback, Scoop Troop Lawn Care service was developed to complement the company’s popular pooper scooper service.

“As pet owners, we understand that scooping poop is not only time-consuming, but it can also be a dirty and unpleasant task,” says Milliken. “That’s why we believe tiring a pet poop scooping service can be a game-changer for pet owners. It allows them to spend more time with their furry friends and less time worrying about cleaning up after them.”

About Scoop Troop:

Scoop Troop is a pet waste removal service that aims to make life easier for dog owners. William Milliken and Levi Swartz founded the company in 2020 in Spokane Valley, WA. The passionate owners wanted to solve the most hated chore of all time—scooping dog poop. Scoop Troop quickly gained popularity and now has over a dozen team members serving over 1,000 customers monthly in the Spokane and Coeur d’Alene regions. They are currently expanding into other areas, including Seattle.

Contact Information:

Press Contact: William Milliken
Phone Number: 5099440494
Address: 2818 N. Sullivan Rd. Suite 1009 Spokane Valley, WA 99216

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