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Sea You Later: 5 Things to Remember When Moving Internationally

It’s official! You’ve purchased your one-way ticket and you’re moving abroad.

Now comes the next part: packing, which isn’t quite as exciting but is possible. We know because thousands of people do it every year.

The key to moving internationally successfully is careful planning and research. To help you get started, here are 5 simple things that you can do to ensure a smooth transition.

1. Plan Before Moving Internationally

Most people skip this step and go straight to the packing stage. Inevitably, they’ll forget something and end up spending hours trying to fit things into their bags like a jigsaw puzzle.

By writing out a list or laying out all the things you’ll need on the side first, you’ll be able to pack much quicker and smarter. It’ll give you a bigger picture and help you avoid tunnel vision.

2. Check Baggage Allowance

Every year, thousands of people moving overseas find themselves paying hefty fees at the airport. Why? They didn’t read the airline’s baggage guidelines carefully.

We’re on your side though. Airlines don’t exactly make it simple, which is why we recommend reading them carefully or calling a representative to confirm before you purchase your tickets. It might be a bit of a hassle but will save you up to hundreds of dollars.

3. Categorize Your Items

To help you figure out what’s most important, separate your items into these three categories:

  • “Must-Haves”- items that you won’t be able to find overseas at all and that you use a lot.
  • “Luxuries”- items that you must have with sentimental values or they are expensive to repurchase (i.e. jewelry).
  • “Replaceables”- items that can be found easily and cheaply at your new home (i.e. toiletries).

Once you have everything sorted, you’ll be able to decide much quicker which items you have to bring with you when space is limited.

4. Consider When You Will Be Back

If you know you’ll be visiting your old home often, consider leaving some items behind with friends or family and pick them up later.

For instance, if you know you’ll be back before the season changes, only pack clothes that you’ll need for the current season. When you return, bring your empty luggage back (with gifts) and fill it up with the clothes that you’ll need for the next season. Don’t haul all your things across the world at once if you don’t need to!

5. Freight Services

If you have to move a large number of items or unusually heavy items, look into freight services. They offer many affordable options to help you move overseas cheaply.

Just keep in mind that train and boat freight services usually take longer to deliver shipments. But if you plan ahead of time, there should be no problems at all.

A Time to Reprioritize and Reorganize

Moving internationally is an opportunity that some people can only dream of. And even though packing can be stressful, don’t let it ruin the amazing experiences that you’re about to have. Remember to simplify and focus on what you need.

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