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Safeguarding Your Workplace

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There are thousands of different kinds of businesses and manufacturers creating all types of products all across the country. While they all create different products, one thing ties them all together: workplace safety. Safety in the workplace is a top priority for all of these companies. There are myriad ways that employees can be injured (or worse) in the workplace by industrial hazards like heat, dust, flak, sparks, flash, molten metal, and even noise.

There are several things you can do to keep your workplace safe and your employees away from danger. Here are some of the most important things you can do:

  • Workplace training- Training your employees on the proper use of equipment will prevent injuries.
  • Signs and labels- Using signs and labels can warn employees of potential hazards.
  • Maintaining a clean work area- A messy workspace can lead to unintentional accidents and falls. Keeping your workplace clean and organized can help to prevent this.
  • Encourage breaks- Even though breaks mean less productivity, your employees will be able to focus on their tasks better and work more efficiently
  • Workplace safety meetings- Regular meetings to discuss workplace safety is important and helpful for everyone.

However, there are also many items you can utilize in your workplace to safeguard your employees. Our product lines include noise control systems, industrial curtains, vinyl strip doors, welding and safety screens, fire safety equipment, and automotive curtain systems. We will tell you several ways you can utilize products in order to safeguard your workplace and create a safer work environment for your company, your employees, and yourself.

Noise Control Systems

Loud industrial noise is a major safety issue for many different kinds of workplaces. Singer Safety Company provides Sound Stopper Noise Control Systems to help lessen the sound levels in your gymnasium, church, warehouse, aircraft hangar, marine dock, auto repair center, or distribution center. Choose from our modular acoustic screens, ceiling baffles, quilted fiberglass panels, acoustic foams, and more to control dangerous loud noise in your facility.

  • Our modular acoustic screens are versatile barriers used to isolate noise and protect workers in close proximity to each other and protect them from hearing damage. Our clients love these products as a space-saver in their facilities.
  • Our ceiling baffles add additional noise control when used in conjunction with other Sound Stopper products and can reduce reverberant noise in large rooms like studios, churches, or gymnasium, or noisy sections of plant floors.
  • Our acoustic foams provide excellent noise absorption in the mid-to-high range and come in both convoluted and flat surfaces. These foams are commonly used to line machine or equipment surfaces, guards, enclosures, walls, and doors to absorb noise from industrial operations.

Industrial Curtains

Industrial curtains are designed to help you create partitioned areas in a warehouse, manufacturing plant, or any other kind of industrial space. Our GlideWall Track and Roller System combines high-quality GlideWall vinyl noise curtains with our expertly engineered easy gliding track system. Singer Safety’s industrial curtains provide the maximum utility workstation and utilize space in the best possible way in any kind of industrial setting. Our clients love the flexibility and versatility that our industrial curtains provide, because they can be moved accordingly as your needs and industrial spaces change.

Most recently, our industrial curtains have been used by many businesses across the country to protect and distance workers from each other in an effort to safeguard against the transmission of COVID-19.

There are a number of additional applications for our industrial curtains, including in manufacturing and industrial plants, storage facilities and garages, medical and pharmaceutical cleaning barriers, wood working, wash bays and cleaning areas, and more. Plus, industrial curtains help increase productivity, conserve energy, create privacy, contain environmental hazards, and create an overall safer work environment for your business. Singer Safety Company’s industrial curtains are the best on the market today.

Vinyl Strip Doors

Vinyl, PVC and plastic strip doors provide easy access and visibility while also preserving energy, reducing noise, and enhancing safety. Vinyl strip doors are frequently used for separating areas within warehouses and providing protection from sparks and ultraviolet in welding areas to improve workplace safety. They are also effective noise control barriers. Add vinyl strip doors to your workplace in order to increase safety and productivity. The best part about vinyl strip doors is that they save you money on heating, cooling, and refrigeration costs in your shipping and storage areas.

Welding & Safety Screens

Welding is a dangerous undertaking and can result in injuries for both welders and bystanders. Luckily, welding and safety screens provide safety and protection for workers during a variety of manufacturing operations like welding, grinding, and cutting. Our screens create a safety barrier between the welding operations and other workers and bystanders. They are a simple and versatile way to improve your workplace’s safety. Our welding screens come in a variety of sizes with three different styles, six different materials, and a variety of colors to meet your needs. You can trust our welding and safety screens to keep your employees and everyone else in your workplace free from the dangers welding presents.

Fire Safety Equipment

If the worst does happen, fire safety equipment helps you locate life-saving tools quickly, even in large industrial settings. It can be difficult to spot fire safety equipment during the panic of an emergency. Our fire covers and blankets are made of vinyl-coated flame resistant nylon to keep safety equipment clean and its fluorescent orange color enhances its visibility for everyone in the area in case of an emergency. Our fire safety equipment products also meet OSHA’s color requirements.

Automotive Curtain Systems

Automotive curtain systems provide a completely enclosed, yet see-through workstation that is there when you need it and glides easily out of the way when you don’t. These products save tons of money for auto, truck, and aircraft shop operations. It keeps dust, water spray, and grinding and cutting sparks out of the painting area. Our automotive curtain systems make spot-painting, base coating, and final clean-up operations more efficient. They also keep detailing and prep areas clean and dust-free. Save yourself space, time, and money with automotive curtain systems for your auto shop, auto dealership, or auto detailing center.

Safeguard Your Workplace

Now you know several ways that you can outfit your workplace to safeguard your business. Singer Safety Company offers a wide variety of workplace safety products that do everything from lessening noise, to maximizing and dividing floor space, to protecting from fire hazards and improving material handling capabilities. In addition, we offer customized solutions in order to ensure that our products are perfect for your own unique application. Many of our products work together to create the safest possible environment for your employees.

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