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robotics process automation – take the robot out of the human

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What does that really mean ? How do you take a robot out of a human? Before we understand what that means, let me share a story.

The year is 2000. Thomas is an administrative assistant and data entry clerk for a mid-size company. He is passionate about photography and enjoys his precious free time playing with his three beautiful children. He prides himself on high quality work and collaborating with his team.

Thomas’ work is both demanding and stressful. He typically works 60 hours per week, including weekends. It’s obvious that he would rather spend his time elsewhere. You see, Thomas is a data entry clerk and one of his tasks involves opening attachments from a general company email, validating the information and updating internal corresponding systems. He performs these repetitive tasks 300 times a week in addition to his daily routine. Are you cringing yet?

Now, if anyone reading this is familiar with the work that Thomas does, they understand the strain processes like these places on the individual and the business. We are humans and we get tired, there is no shame in that. After performing hundreds of these transactions, Thomas finds himself restless and making mistakes as a result. Now he is becoming frustrated and the business process has hit a bottleneck. He needs to collaborate with his team on a major project but has to spend hours correcting these mistakes. Remember what Thomas prides himself on? High quality work and team collaboration. Neither of which he has time for now. Thomas is officially disengaged, and the business has lost visibility into their sales pipeline for the next quarter.

Thomas performs robotic tasks every day. Highly repetitive tasks that occur in volume. Fast forward to 2020 and we now introduce Robotics Process Automation, otherwise known as RPA. RPA is intended to replace human robotic tasks that are subject to quality issues and long process cycle times. They reproduce the human actions needed to transfer information from one system to another. Not only does this happen 10x faster than the capability of Thomas, but it’s percentage for error is nonexistent resulting in a repeatable process with an extremely short lead time to completion.

Thomas now has a digital assistant that never gets tired and never complains. He has the autonomy to engage and disengage his digital assistant and can now focus on what makes him happy. Thomas once was a data entry clerk, 20 years later, he is organizing collaborative work events to help engage all verticals of the business into one common goal. I forgot to mention he is also the professional photographer within his organization. Funny how the adoption of technology has a direct positive impact on the people that use it.

RPA automates your process and allows your business to elevate your people. It is a technology that is breaking ground and will drastically change the landscape of your business operations. The future of business relies on swift and accurate decisions that are best made through collaboration. RPA will give you the time to collaborate, elevate your business above the competition, and capture market share

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