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Rita Medical Elite Selected as One of the Few Daxxify Providers in the US

Rita Medical Elite was selected as one of a very limited number of Daxxify providers in the US.


Sarasota, FL, March 24, 2023— The top Medspa in Sarasota, FL just got even better. Rita Medical Elite has been selected to be one of the few providers of Daxxify.

Daxxify is an effective alternative to Botox and other neuromodulators. With Daxxify, a smaller molecule is formed which allows it to diffuse easier, resulting in a more natural looking result than Botox. Daxxify also works faster than Botox. You can begin to see results in as little as 24 hours.

Daxxify can be used to treat crow’s feet, frown lines, and forehead lines. Results can last anywhere from six to nine months.

Daxxify is the only long-lasting, peptide-powered frown line treatment and the first innovation of its kind in over 20 years. Daxxify is also the only neuromodulator manufactured in the United States.

“We are really excited to have Daxxify here at Rita Medical Elite. I think that it is really going to help a lot of clients,” said Rita Altman, owner of Rita Medical Elite.

Due to Daxxify being a relatively new product, there is currently a very limited ability. However, Rita Medical Elite is honored to be one of the few providers of Daxxify.

The technicians at Rita Medical Elite have undergone rigorous training on how to properly administer Daxxify, and are ready to help you eliminate wrinkles!

In addition to Daxxify, Rita Medical Elite offers a wide variety of services.

Are you looking for laser hair removal? Or perhaps you are in need of lip or dermal fillers? Rita Medical Elite has got you covered!

The team even provides laser tattoo removal services.

“These guys are the real deal. I have never been to a more effective aesthetic specialist in my entire life! I can’t recommend them enough!” said one Sarasota resident.

In addition to their innovative services, Rita Medical Elite’s dedication to their clients is what sets this team apart from the rest. When taking advantage of Rita Medical Elite’s services, you will be treated as a VIP. Rita Medical Elite will leave you completely satisfied and feeling great!

So what are you waiting for? Take advantage of Rita Medical Elite’s services today!

About Rita Medical Elite:

Rita Medical Elite in Sarasota, since 2006 Rita has dedicated her practice to facial re-contouring via non-surgical injections. She has performed over 100,000 procedures with the goal of recapturing and retaining a youthful, natural appearance through artistic injection placement on clients ranging from 21 – 91 years old. Whether it is lip enhancement, cheek augmentation, diminishing wrinkles caused by over-animation, or the deflation and gravitational pulls that aging causes; she will develop a plan of action to meet your goals. Rita’s work ethic is impeccable, her dedication unprecedented and her gentle touch make clients flock to her from near and far also attracting other practitioners to receive their treatments.

Contact Information:

Rita Altman
Rita Medical Elite
3847 S. School Ave Sarasota, FL 34239
[email protected]

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