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Reusable Lunch Cooler Bags to Save Money and Go Green

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Reusable Lunch Bags Help the Environment & Your Wallet

Packing a lunch is a simple task that can go a long way for your health and your wallet. Along with being healthier and more budget friendly, using reusable lunch tote bags is also decreases waste and helps our environment. You really can’t go wrong. Packing your lunch in a lunch cooler bag is a great habit to form and BagzDepot has every type of lunch tote you could ever need. If you need some persuading to ditch the brown bag, we’ve got your back.

Use a Lunch Bag to Save Your Money & Ditch the Plastic

Eating out is costly. If you ever sat down and calculated how much you spend on lunch each month while at work or school, you might be astonished. Packing your lunch will save you tons in the long run, so take that money and throw it in a savings account. A much needed vacation will be on your horizon before you know it. Healthy is the new diet and eating out everyday could be costing you more than just money. Research some easy, healthy recipes you can make in bulk and meal prep your food each week. Your lunch cooler bag will keep everything fresh throughout the day while you’re at work or school until it’s time for your lunch break.

Plastic bags have become a devastating issue in our oceans and landfills. They’re toxic, and can take up to 1,000 years to decompose. We all need to do everything we can to decrease the use of plastic and help the environment. If everyone made these small daily changes, it could have a considerable positive impact on the environment.

Lunch Cooler Bags & Reusable Lunch Tote Bags

One way you can make a difference is by using a reusable grocery tote bag or lunch tote. Cut out the plastic bags and make a statement. Stop buying premade food in plastic containers and opt for tupperware instead. No more grabbing plastic bags to throw your food in–grab your cooler instead. It not only helps the Earth but also helps your food stay fresh and your diet even healthier.

To make the switch even easier, we’ve included 7 of our favorite reusable lunch bags below.

Polyester Lunch Tote

This polyester cooler lunch tote bag is big enough to carry your lunch and more. It’s the perfect tupperware lunch bag to fit all your premade lunch meals with a heat sealed, water resistant lining and zipper closure at the top. It’s perfect for picnics, parties or any other event you may need to travel to with food and drinks.

Canvas Tote with Zipper

Pack your lunch in one of these colorful large canvas tote bags with zipper. They come in 15 different colors for all your style needs. They zip at the top and are big enough to keep your lunch and anything else you might want to travel with safe and secure. It’s perfectly versatile and even has a strap to make it easy to carry everyday.

Lunch Cooler Bag

Reuse this perfect sized lunch bag cooler everyday for all your foodie needs. It can fit inside your backpack or you can carry it by itself. It’s easy and compact to store when you’re not using it, and big enough to keep your lunch fresh. It’s great for kid’s lunches as well and comes in different colors.

6 Can Cooler Bag

Affordable and versatile. This 6 can cooler bag is the perfect replacement for plastic and paper bags. It’s cheap and durable and can easily be purchased in bulk. Even better, it has a great space to customize it with anything you’d like. Personalize them as gifts or print your company logo on the front for advertising.

Large Rolling Cooler

Take your tailgating to the next level with this 48 can capacity rolling cooler made by Port Authority. With summer officially here, it’s the perfect addition to your family outings. Fill it up with enough drinks and food to last all day at the beach or to travel to a party with. It’s a great lunch bag with compartments and extra storage in the front. It also has an extension handle for easy maneuvering so you can easily take it with you wherever you need to go.

Nylon Coolers

Simple and perfect for everyday use. This nylon lunch cooler is insulated and comes in four different colors. It is super affordable and durable. This would be a perfect gift for employees, students or teachers. It’s available to buy in bulk, the more you buy the more you save. You can even use our screen printing service to personalize them.

Messenger Bag Lunch Tote

This messenger lunch tote is easily and comfortably carried around with a long strap to throw over your shoulder. It’s super versatile as it can keep your lunch cold but it can also be used for everyday essentials. It’s perfect and stylish if you have a long commute or walk a lot to and from school or work.

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