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Residential Addiction Treatment Center

Your body starts recovering from drug or alcohol addiction in detox, once again functioning in healthy ways, as designed. Detox is where your first steps into recovery take place, bridging the gap between physical dependence and sobriety. But this can be a dangerous time for anyone seeking recovery. A residential detox center makes withdrawal more secure, comfortable and healthier to ensure you safely transition from active addiction into early recovery.

Sad woman looking out window could use residential detox center for her addiction.How Can a Residential Detox Center Help You Recover?

You’ve heard of residential treatment for rehab. However, why do you need a residential detox center? Can’t you just “go cold turkey” at home? Detox is actually more dangerous than most people realize. There are very specific risks associated with going through withdrawal alone. This is why residential treatment exists in both detox and rehab.

When you go to a residential detox center, you leave home for your earliest days of sobriety. You’ll live at the facility for about a week or longer, going through drug or alcohol withdrawal. A supportive, caring and highly trained detox staff keeps you comfortable, safe and secure during detox. They provide services and security you don’t get when going through detox at home. Not all residential programs for detox are the same. Some are for men, some are coed and others are for women. The best detox centers in Florida also offer specific types of withdrawal assistance, including:

It is in detox that therapy begins. You may need therapy for treatment of your underlying causes of addiction. In most cases, without such therapy, your pattern of drug use and addiction will repeat. Residential detox also provides complete, healthy nutrition you may not have had for a long time. People in addiction fail to take care of their bodies, so in detox your health starts recovering, too.

The Best Residential Detox Centers Prevent Relapse

During withdrawal and in early sobriety, your biggest threat is relapsing. Even someone with strong willpower can suffer relapse during these important days of recovery. You don’t yet have the relapse prevention skills you learn in rehab. So you are in danger on the streets or at home, with access to your drug or alcohol everywhere you turn.

During withdrawal the most intense drug cravings you will ever experience overwhelm you. These cravings are your body’s attempt to get more of your chosen substance. So your body does all it can to take you back into addiction. You also suffer ill effects of withdrawal when you quit using. These symptoms make getting through detox very difficult unless you are safe and secure in a residential program. Also, a residential detox helps you feel better during the withdrawal process.

Understanding staff provides support, comfort, medical health supervision, quality nutrition, relaxation and even some medications for your symptoms. Relapse is extremely dangerous. In fact, it is a threat to your life. You’ve heard stories of your friends in active substance abuse, who suffer a deadly overdose. Overdose is easiest after you have started or gone through withdrawal. In residential detox, you are in a secure facility without access to the “one more dose” of your drugs that could be your last experience in life.

Completion rates for residential detox are much higher than home detox. When you go into a licensed detox facility, odds are you are leaving in a week to ten days as a sober, healthier and far happier person. This hope corresponds to actual research that shows 81 percent of residential detox clients are successful in gaining sobriety, whereas only 17 percent of home detoxers get sober.

Serenity House Detox Safely Bridges the Gap from Addiction Into Sobriety

At Serenity House Detox in Fort Lauderdale and West Palm Beach, Florida, you gain the help and safety you need for a comfortable residential detox center. Supportive licensed professionals provide therapies and use holistic methods for your greatest strength, relaxation, and health in these early days of sobriety. Therapies at Serenity House Detox include:

When you or someone you love face the crossroads of deeper addiction darkness or the hope of recovery, Serenity House Detox provides the residential detox center you need to take the right steps. You are not alone during withdrawal at Serenity House Detox. Call us now at 866-294-5306 for more information about the addiction recovery services you need.

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