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Refurbished vs Pre-Owned: The Biggest Benefits of Buying Used Telecommunications Equipment

Worldwide, the information technology (IT) industry is estimated to reach $5 trillion in 2019.

IT is a vast and complex industry. It’s composed of equipment, software, personnel, and other components that constantly need upgrading. When it’s time to upgrade your IT, choosing refurbished vs pre-owned is important.

Used or refurbished network equipment is good for a new business or one that’s well-established. Some businesses equate refurbished and used with unreliable or faulty. We’re going to explain why that line of thinking is incorrect.

Keep reading to learn more about the benefits of buying refurbished.

Access to Better Tech

Some business owners assume that refurbished and used network equipment is faulty. In fact, many businesses offload IT that’s reliable and even new. Businesses sell perfectly fine IT equipment for a  number of reasons, including:

  • making a small profit from surplus
  • service level agreements with suppliers that require new equipment according to a contract
  • the nature of some businesses requires them to have the latest equipment
  • some businesses just have larger budgets that need to be exhausted

Often times, this used equipment will come with warranty coverage. In the case it doesn’t, used equipment gives you access to great tech at more cost-effective prices.

Access to Hard-to-Find Tech

Older equipment still has its uses. Especially when you have a tried-and-true piece of technology that you can’t part with.

In those cases, having a replacement and spare parts can come in handy. The majority of the parts in used and refurbished equipment is 100% salvageable.

Having older equipment on hand saves you precious downtime. You won’t have to go searching for a part that’s hard to find.

You’ll also save money on parts. This is because harder-to-find parts tend to be more expensive.

You pay premium prices for old parts because the supply doesn’t meet the demand. By having those on hand, you’ll save yourself from having to pay premium prices when something stops working.

Save Money

Used vs refurbished equipment is beneficial for established businesses and new businesses. Business both large and small can also benefit from purchasing used.

Of course, used IT equipment is the most cost-effective option and a great way to keep your costs low. Used IT gives you access to great equipment as well as pieces that are hard to find.

This is why refurbished and used network equipment is a smart alternative to buying new. And that’s especially true when you’re trying new technology with no proven track record.

Buying new doesn’t just mean paying premium prices for your equipment. Purchasing new equipment includes all the hidden costs you don’t see. This includes the costs for materials, production, research and development, and the wages that the manufacturer pays its workers.

When you’re looking refurbished and used the equipment, those costs are already covered and there might even be an opportunity to negotiate on price. For some of the best prices on IT equipment, shop our hardware.


Large, expensive orders of new equipment can cause a headache. Whether ordering online or directly from a supplier, refurbished and used network equipment is a lot more convenient.

In many cases, suppliers of IT equipment don’t carry or stock the equipment that they sell because of the cost of the overhead. Instead, they order your equipment from another provider, who ships to them before it’s shipped to you. This can cause huge delays in getting your IT infrastructure setup.

But used and refurbished equipment are, by their nature, stocked by their suppliers. That means you don’t have to worry about delays. In many cases, you can have the product shipped right to your door for the ultimate in a convenient option.

Environmental Responsibility

When you throw away your old IT equipment and electronics, you’re contributing to pollution. Electronics contains heavy metals that pollute landfills and contaminate soil and groundwater. They’re also made of plastics that take hundreds of years to breakdown in a landfill.

Not only is the equipment itself a pollutant when it’s sent to the landfill, but the production methods for making that equipment is also harmful to the environment. It takes burning fossil fuels and consuming natural resources to produce these products, and reducing our reliance both is important for the future of the environment.

By purchasing used and refurbished products, you save them from ending up in a landfill. Those efforts can be used in Corporate Social Responsibility reporting, for press releases, and for community outreach – all of which can contribute to a better reputation for your business as well.

Buying Local

The ‘buy local’ movement has been spreading across the US for some time now. The concept behind this movement is that purchasing from local, independently owned business makes a positive impact on the local community and economy. And purchasing used and refurbished equipment can help you be part of this movement.

Purchasing your used and refurbished equipment from a local supplier or from a local company offloading their surplus keeps investments within your community. In addition, it can help you save on expensive shipping charges and make pickup or delivery more convenient. 

Refurbished vs Pre-Owned

Whether you’re buying refurbished vs pre-owned IT equipment, you’re doing the environment and your local community service. But more than that, you’re keeping your costs low while gaining access to reliable equipment. You might also consider buying refurbished or used network equipment to keep on hand for those times that your tried-and-true technology fails and you need a solution that’s both fast and cost-effective.

While some people wrongly assume that used and refurbished purchases are second-grade, that’s simply untrue. Your business stands to benefit from this option as long as you’re buying from a trustworthy and reputable supplier.

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