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Rapid Metal Fab Promises Businesses Fast And Convenient Custom Metal Parts To Meet Their Needs

For most businesses that require metal fabrication services, getting custom parts fast is a challenge. Rapid Metal Fab has gotten around this challenge by incorporating computerized systems, over-the-top laser machines, and experienced engineers to fabricate metal parts in a fast and convenient way. Learn more here.


Lincolnton, NC, January 4, 2022— Metal fabrication services are the backbone of most industries, from the automotive sector, manufacturing industry to medical appliances. Despite the urgency and the life-long demand for custom metal parts, it is a challenge for most businesses to access these parts due to the technicality of production, engineering, and welding.

Necessity is the mother of invention, and out of the need for better and fast custom metal parts, Rapid Metal Fab was born. The company uses computer-aided designs(CAD) and computer numerical control(CNC) aided machines to guarantee quality and fast metal designs. Coupled with the staff’s expertise in cutting, welding, and engineering, the firm solves all metal fabrication problems to meet consumers’ needs.

“Do you need parts fast? If you struggle with getting metal parts fast, that is where we come in. We can fill that void, hence the name Rapid Metal Fab. As with most businesses, we started our company to meet a need- faster metal part production. We have over twenty years of combined metal fabrication experience, with a team of electric and mechanical engineers. Our expertise includes CNC cutting, CNC forming, welding, surface finishing, and engineering,” said Johnathan Wise, Chief Executive Officer at Rapid Metal Fab.

Stainless steel is one of the widely-used metals in the manufacturing industry due to its strength and quality. Rapid Metal Fab offers stainless steel welding through three welding processes. These are gas tungsten arc welding(TIG), shielded metal arc welding(MIG), and stick welding.

“All of our welders are certified by the relevant authorities and can perform MIG, TIG, and stick welding. We have experience welding stainless steel, aluminum, carbon, and most other metals,” added Wise.

Unlike traditional metal fabrication processes, Rapid Metal Fab offers high-quality and precise custom metal parts through precision sheet metal fabrication. This process uses computer software to design parts and computer-aided laser and cutting machines to guarantee exact shapes and sizes. This over-the-top technology delivers precise parts, a consumer only needs to present their preferred design and size, and in no time, they will get their product.

“Our crew can work with what you have, whether it is a drawing on a napkin or a fully-drawn CAD model. The engineering department can also provide prototypes to work with or optimize your parts for production. We utilize CNC-controlled machines for all parts of our sheet metal fabrication process. Contact us today to get the precision parts you need, quickly, ” added Wise.

About Rapid Metal Fab: Rapid Metal Fab is a metal fabrication company specializing in fast metal part production. The North Carolina-based local company offers services such as cutting, forming, welding, engineering, and surface finishing. The firm utilizes computerized controls and machines in most of the processes to guarantee quick yet precise metal parts.

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Name: Johnathan Wise
Organization: Rapid Metal Fab
Address: 315 Motz Avenue
Phone :(704) 457-1540

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